Friday, 22 January 2016

Short Story - That Nostalgia

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He was sitting in his room but he was not alone. The sound of his music surrounded him and gave
him company. As the feeling of nostalgia crept in  his heart, some tunes made him smile and some brought tears.

"What are you doing sweetheart?" she asked as she knocked on his door. 
'Is he crying?' she shocked herself with the question. They had a romantic and crazy night where they cemented the deepest foundation of their relation. 'Was it so bad that I made him cry?' the thought choked her throat. 
While he sat there lost in the depth of his music, she blamed herself with all sorts of weird thoughts. Girls!

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. Yes, in her thoughts they were already broken up

"What?" he asked surprised. Apparently he didn't notice her coming in

"Okay, I am leaving you" she announced and started to leave but he stopped her. He needed her, more than he himself knew. He might be a big star in music industry but inside he still was little lonely boy

"What are you talking about? I thought we were doing so good" he asked shocked by her announcement

"You are crying, right after we had sex! I can take hints. You don't need to humiliate me" she yelled tears pouring out of her eyes. 

As her words sunk in, his fear-struck face turned into a huge smile. "You crazy woman" he spoke and kissed her.

"What?" she demanded

"It's not that. I am not crying because of you, I love every moment I spent with you and it's not just last night but every day" he spoke and her expressions relaxed

"Then what is it?"

"Well, last night was a bliss for me. I have never felt such love and passion before. I felt inspired so I decided to create a new song but..." his abrupt halt made her ask "but what?"

"It reminded me of my mother" he finished embarrassed and her expressions turned disastrous

"You are missing your mother? Right after you and I...? Oh my God, you are creepy" she vented 

"Oh crap No! How could you even think that?" though he was not amused with her thinking, but he couldn't help smile at her innocence

"Tell me what is it?" she demanded in matter-of-fact tone

"Okay, I anyway was looking for a good time to tell you about my life, never thought it would be right after our first night but what the heck!" he finished and with a deep breath he began

"Do you know why I write music?" he asked seriously and she nodded in denial. She has always wanted to know why he was so closed off and emotionally detached.

"I was only 7 when my whole family died in an earthquake" his words made her shiver to her soul. She knew he was an orphan but never knew the history. The thought tricked a tear out of his eyes, he wiped it quickly and continued. "The only thing that was not destroyed in that disaster was my body and a radio. I survived but losing my happy family - my mother, my father, my sister, grandparents destroyed me from inside. I was sent to an orphanage and no one was willing to adopt me. I once heard a couple say 'he is beautiful but his eyes are dead', and it is true, my eyes are dead. While facing mirror, I can never look  into my eyes - it kills me every time. Till I was 15 I was alone and that radio and its music kept me company. It had a major impact on my life. It's because of the music I was able to sleep. Songs helped me imagine my old life and helped me survive. As I grew older I realised that those songs were not doing justice to my memories so I started writing myself and by sheer luck an old musician took pity on me and made me  his apprentice. And you know the story after that."

"And I accidentally played the first song I ever wrote for my mother and hence I was missing her" he finished.

It was the first time he had opened up to anyone and it felt like a wave of relief has washed over him.
Many people told him that talking helps and now he knew what they meant. 

If, to him it was a relief, for her it was most precious gift he could ever give. For the first time she saw the real man who always hid under the mask of a musician. Slowly she hugged him, with tears streaming down her cheeks and whispered a promise she never intended to break, "you are not alone any more. I am here and I will always be here. I love you!"

"I love you too and so much more" he hugged her back with a hope they will live happily ever after.

With Lots of Love

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