Friday, 4 November 2016

Book Review Policy

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My reviews are my honest views however I do respect other authors and publishers.

There are 3 ways I get hold of a book:

  1. I find one appealing and buy it
  2. Someone suggest it to me and grab a copy 
  3. Or, a literary agent or author shares it with me
In either case I try to be as genuine as possible and write my honest views. 
I don't accept books where author expects me to write fake words primarily because I don't want the readers of my blog to get the wrong impression. If I like a book I recommend it, else I don't.

I use 5 point rating system and I rarely give a book below 3. Usually I don't read books that deserve below 3. However at times it does happen and my sincere apologies in advance to the author for lower ratings.

Having said all this, I seriously believe in not insulting anyone in any way. Hence, if any of my words look insulting to you in anyway, please drop me a message at and I will re-look at my words. Believe me I don't intend to insult anyone and would make sure it is changed.

Well, after reading this, if you still wish to get an honest review and get it publicized on facebook, amazon, twitter, goodreads etc. Please do share your book. I would be happy to read it.

Love & Cheers

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