Thursday, 9 February 2017

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We all shop online and nowadays is the most common platform for most of us (it is for me atleast)...
I buy everything online, from clothes to grocery -with a tiny little baby one hardly gets anytime to spare to go out and shop, isn't it. Given I buy everything online I decided to buy my baby's cradle as well. One rule that I follow though is, I never buy a 'non-returnable' product as you never know what problem might occur.

Now, I researched a lot on cradles and discussed with friends. The most recommended one was a little unusual one but given two of my friends' kids have used it I decided to go for it (with difference that they bought it from a shop).
I usually buy 'fulfilled by amazon' products but sadly this was not in it. And this type of cradle was only one. I took my chances based on recommendations but it was not the one for me. 

The product was damaged. The cloth was torn, net was torn, hinge caps were broken and most importantly the cloth was of such poor quality that I feared that if I placed my baby in it, it might tear and hurt him severely -not acceptable condition at all. Of course I decided to return but much to my shock (not surprise) the product was non-returnable. I checked product site again and seller cheated, nowhere it was mentioned that product was non returnable. 

Of course it was not a cheap item for me to let go -even if it was, I can't stand cheats. 

I called customer care immediately. The return of the product was not in their hands. But, they understood my concern. They asked me to send the pictures and they contacted seller. The seller refused to do anything -I guess they forgot that they delivered damaged product. But amazon is pretty good at its services (I found out through this experience), they checked out the pictures I sent and refunded the amount immediately. Not just did they refund my money, they didn't even ask for the product back. They simply let it go. I am not sure what I am going to do with this product but I am never going to use it for my baby.

The product in question is: 

I have never been happier with the services of an online seller. I decided to share this story mainly because I always hear how online sellers cheat or do fraud, but no one talks about good experiences. I just wanted to change that...

Love and Cheers

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