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Book: We Decided on Forever - Love, Relationship and Teenage Drama


Title:  We Decided on Forever
Author: Nida Ahmed
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services
Pages: 202
Price: Rs. 149
My Rating: 3/5

What if your life end up like the lyrics of a song? What would you do? What if all you could think of is about the one you gave your heart to? Would you swing to the 'let's move one side' or wait for your 'magical' moment? Alfisha was a regular happy-go- lucky Delhi girl. The only thing extraordinary about her was her devotional love towards Rayan, her Ravz. But would loving someone so close yet so far away be enough for them? Is -LOVE- the only ingredient to a -Happily Ever After

The title is intriguing and the cover looks very soothing. Even the inside cover of the book is good -reminded me of J.K. Rowling. Out of all the books I have read so far, only she has her image on inside cover and now Nida has too. :) Very good attempt by Kalamos.

Talking about book, while reading it I remembered my school and college days. I hardly know a person who hasn't met a crush on Orkut/Facebook. But in this case, the lead in book Alfisha meets her true love, Rayan, on fb. They meet, fall in love and it is epic but there are complications, like always. And those complications and challenges are the ones that author has penned down in the book.

What I liked is that the story is very simple and soothing. You can totally relate to everything a person goes through in a relationship. The essence of love is also beautifully portrayed.

Characters - of Alfisha is finely defined but not of everyone else. At places names are just thrown out and left me wondering - now who is that? Even Rehan and Rayan caused some confusion, at first I thought that author wrote Rayan's name wrong, only later I realised they are two people -LOL.

Talking about weird part - On two occasions Alfisha faints and is admitted to a hospital. I wonder which hospital admits a twelfth standard girl for blood and glucose (separate occasions) and does not call her parents. And how can the girl afford? 
There are few more but one can let go of them as a part of story. But this hospital one made me like really?

What I didn't like about the book is how in general girls are portrayed. 'I am a boy, main sambhal lunga, par tum...' - this is mentioned twice and it is too bad that girls in general are portrayed in such weak manner. I understand the love part but I felt it was too much. Anyways, Alfisha is only in twelfth in the story, maybe girls that age are so naive. :|
At times story was a little too dragged and narration was missing. But dialogues kept moving and conversations between leads was cheeky and interesting.

There were some spelling mistakes which can be corrected in next edition and ignored.

My overall rating to the book is 3/5 (Its good)

It is a quick entertaining read. And you can grab your copy below.

Love and Cheers

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  1. he may tell me sorry or just ignore.
    I don't know if I'm making a mistake if I go ahead to marry him, adair


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