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Book - Chariots of Mahabharata: A Newer Version


Title:  Chariots of Mahabharata
Author: Himanshu Rai
Publisher: Invincible Publisher
Pages: 230
Price: Rs. 240
My Rating: 2.5/5

"It is not a story of Mahabharata. It is a story of people, progeny who pulled the story of Mahabharata on their shoulders, to let Dharma win over evil. It is a story of Unknown characters of Mahabharata. Whatever stories we heard of Mahabharata from our ancestor, are they the only ones or are there more facts hidden We have read the Mahabharata in terms of Kauravas and Pandavas. Read about how Draupadi was insulted in an open court. But little do we know about the land of Mohoma. Mohoma, a courtier of King Shantanu's kingdom, whose legacy had a role to play in the Mahabharata war. How his family was cursed, divided in taking sides between the two; Kauravas and Pandavas. But the land of Mohoma is nowhere mentioned in the depths of time. This is the story of that family who went through turmoil because of someone else's war, in the war of their master's rivalry, and how they and the progeny of the two great armies viewed the entire war. After all, were the Pandavas really correct? Were the Kauravas so wrong in what they did?"

When thinking about mythology most of us question its possibility, isn't it? At least I do, and the first question that always pops in my mind is - 'did this really happen?' Yes, many argue that it did and believe me I have an unwavering faith in God but these stories make me question. They make me question about how can God allow all such ugly things (especially when he was present on Earth back then)? Anyways, I have read many versions of mythologies and Himanshu has brought in a newer one to add.

Talking about plot, it is a spin-off of the old school Mahabharata and have delved into parts which other writers (of previous versions) have chosen to ignore.

Characters are more and less same. However, they have been woven in such fashion that it confuses at times.

To me it is an okay read because of a few points. I couldn't find anything super-exciting. Yes, it is a new version of Mahabharata but it felt like re-invention of wheel. Also the writing style and editing need a lot of changes. Writing needs to be more engaging, currently it is very bland.

Also, the cover is very simple. Given the concept it holds, it could have been much more happening and exciting.

My rating: 2.5/ 5 (An Okay read)

You can grab your copy below:

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