Thursday, 24 August 2017

Book - Living with Merlin: Beautiful, Serene and Tearful


Title:  Living with Merlin: Coping with grief , living life 
Author: Anita Bakshi
Publisher: Partridge publication
Pages: 230
Price: Rs. 399
My Rating: 4.75/5


The loss of a loved one can leave one helpless and broken. 
Unhappy and lost what does one do to make life meaningful again ? Following the initial disbelief sets in a chain of anger and sorrow , insecurity and pain. I have made an attempt to take one day at a time to cope and to go on . Faith helps and so do some stories . I can only hope that my story can help someone deal with a loss far greater than words can describe.

Some books can make your worst fears come alive... Afraid to say that 'Living with Merlin' is one of those books. Based on true story of author's life, it is a tale of coping with grief and living life again.
When you lose that one person, around whom your life revolves, what will you do? The thought itself is dreadful and very unfortunately author had to endure it. Most people would consider ending the meaningless life that is left behind, but our author didn't do it. Instead she mustered all courage and took 'one day, one second at a time' and lived on.

While reading the book it feels like you are there. The emotions are so beautifully and serenely articulated that you just cannot help yourself but find your cheeks moistening. I started it slow but finished more that 80% of book in one sitting last night -and drank more than two liters of water to dissolve that lump in my throat that was pinching me again and again.

What I liked about the book is the connection it shows between author and her dear late husband. And how she adopts a lovely puppy -Merlin- and tries to fill her void. 

The author says 'she wrote this book as a coping mechanism and she didn't believe that people will read it.' To answer her I would just like to say that 'it's great that you wrote this book and it helped you cope up -it will help many people who suffer through similar fate. And as for readers, people who consider relationships as important, and see meaning in life, they would definitely read it.'
The only down point is the price, it is marked very high in comparison to India's novel market, but what can we say, we can never put right price tag on such emotions.

My rating is 4.75/5 

I strongly recommend the book to everyone.

Lots of Love

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