Sunday 19 May 2019

A Perfect Book for Kids Starting Their Education


Title: My First Super Pack of Pencil Control and Patterns: A set of 4 interactive activity books to practice Patterns, Numbers and Alphabet
Author/Publisher: Wonderhouse
Price: Rs. 299 
My Views: A must have for kids


A set of four fun activity books designed for early learners to develop pencil control and motor skills. The tracing exercises and creative activities help the little scholars to develop their early writing skills. The child will also learn to identify, write and revise numbers, letters of English alphabet, straight, curvy, zig zag lines and other multiple patterns. These creative books are an excellent first step to prepare for school.

As the title of the product suggests, it is a collection of 4 books and all are amazing and must have kids.

Below are my quick views on each:
1. Pencil Control - As little kids learn to hold a pencil and start drawing, they need some guidance. as we know how kids of today are - they don't listen to their parents at all, this book is really helpful.
It is colorful and has a lot of drawings and shapes and colors. It motivates kids to follow the instructions. My little one loves to follow what it says and do the needful.
A must have for a beginner child to get pencil control.

2. Capital Letters - A great way to learn A to Z. This one book contains everything. Draw the pattern. Coloring. Mix and match. Puzzles. You name it.
This book encourages kids to learn A to Z and new words too.
The only drawback is, they have rather complicated words like A for Alligator. I would prefer easier words to start, but apart from it, it is perfect

3. Small Letters - Just like capital letters, this book has small letters. The good thing about this book is that it has nice easy to read and learn words like a for apple.
Better to start with this and then move to capital letters book.

4. Numbers 1 to 20 - Another great book to learn 1 to 20. 
The book starts with counting and ts with counting and pattern. Then it moves on to.patterns and mix and match. It also includes coloring options.
One book has it all and kids love it.
Must have to start on numbering.

If you have a small kid who is starting to learn and read then this set is a must-have for you.


Lots of Love

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