Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Short Story - Confessions of a Dying Heart

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"Why did you beat me as a child?" she asked him softly as he lay on his death bed

"What?" he was surprised, when he requested her to ask him anything she wanted for the last time, this was not what he expected

"Yes Papa, it has always bothered me, why did you?" she asked tears stroking her cheeks now

"I don't understand what you mean" he replied avoiding her eyes

"Okay" she replied disappointed, "you rest" she briefly kissed his forehead and started to leave but his choked voice rooted her to the ground

"I was weak, I am sorry" he replied sobbing

Turning slowly she smiled, "it's okay Papa, rest now." It was not the answer she has been looking for all her life but somehow today she has no strength to challenge him or question him further.

Her smile broke him further, sobbing like a child now he replied, "What I did to you was wrong, I should not have hurt you, but I was weak and insecure. After your mother passed away I lost that compassion and treated you wrong. I never showed you my love. I realised how I should have raised you when I see you raise your son. I am sorry my daughter" he finished holding out his hand for her

She gently took it and replied squeezing his fragile hand lightly, "thank you for being honest Papa. I always knew you loved me, just that you showed me tough love" she replied caressing it

"I regret it. I should have loved and raised you better" he confessed

"Its okay Papa. I love you. Now please go to sleep" she spoke kissing his hand gently and in her smile he saw forgiveness. 
She knew they were the last moment of his life and after that she will have no parent to protect, love and care for her, but instead of feeling lonely, in that  moment she felt closest to her father than she ever had.

Smiling with deep content and love, she left his room as he closed his eyes forever...

~Kritika Gupta Sharma


  1. A true confession... very touching

  2. Thanks Kanaka... Please do keep stopping by...

  3. Heart touching post Kritika :)

    1. Thanks very much Anjali :)
      Please do keep stopping by...


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