Saturday, 25 July 2015

Short Story - May be in Next Life...

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She locked eyes with him again, after 15 years… 

“Mom… Dad’s calling” her daughter called out but she was rooted to the ground

“Hi” he spoke awkwardly

“Why did you ditch me?” she asked without any formalities

“What?” he was surprised

“I have waited 15 years for this, it haunts me. Why?” she demanded

“Aren’t you married?” he asked eyeing her daughter who was waiting at the curb

“I am and very happily. I just need closure” she hurried

“It was a setup, I never ditched you. I loved you” he spoke in trembling voice, shaking her world

“Why didn’t you explain?” she almost whispered horrified as realization dawned on her

“You moved on, you were with someone else” his eyes brimming with tears

“I lied, I was mad because I loved you. I lied and you believed me” tears streaming down her cheeks now

“You believed that I cheated too” he finished biting his lower lip controlling his tears

And it was the moment when they realised that their first love never ditched. It was true and loyal. The feeling was mixed with joys and sorrow as she finally got her closure. Smiling amidst her thoughts she headed back to her current family, knowing deep down that if not now, not in this life… they will be together again, may be in the next life…

~Kritika Gupta Sharma


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