Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Walk Movie: Nothing less than a WOW Experience...

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WOW! is the first word that comes to mind after watching this movie. Considering it is based on real
life incidence, the film gets even more mesmerizing.

The film is based on real life story of Philippe Petit who walked on a wire between twin towers and is dedicated to the victims on September 11, 2001 attack. 

The set up is in France and New York, where a young talented wire walker is obsessed with walking between twin towers. Ever since he sees the picture of twin towers in a magazine he makes it his mission to walk on it. During his journey we see how he forms alliances, how he practises, succeeds and fails. All in all its his persistence and dedication that makes him successful. Mind you it is not easy to stand on the edge of a building of 1400 ft height, let alone walk, turn, lay down and kneel on a wire across 200 ft.

The character of Philippe Petit is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he did a wonderful job in it. To fulfil a dream as crazy as this one needs dedication and persistence, which in turn converts a man into a arrogant, stubborn mad-man. Levitt did a fabulous job in passing as stubborn mad-man. 
All the other characters were okay, they were there to support him and they did fine job.

Overall, movie is a must watch, but only in 3D. The effects and scenic beauty are just mesmerizing. Over years, across all the movies I have watched, this has been the only movie where everyone clapped in the end - And it was well deserved.

My rating - 4.5/5
Loved it. Hope you like it too

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