Sunday, 30 October 2016

Take a pledge and Spread the Joy this Diwali


Diwali is the biggest and brightest festivals of India and it is celebrated with our friends and families.
As everyone celebrate it with their loved ones, for me too it is a blissful time. We all get together (which we are usually unable to do) and have lot of fun - starting from lighting our house with candles, diyas and lights to eating our favorite sweets, burning crackers and having all the joyous moments.
And we are doing the same this year as well. (I am personally against fire crackers but they are fun to an extent)

Yes it is joyous but, when I stepped out of house today I realized something of utter importance. How lucky and privileged we are to have so many facilities and decent enough financial status to be able to celebrate the way we want. We can spend our partial salaries today and get ourselves whatever we desire. But there are so many around us who can't. I realized it when I saw poor children begging on the streets some hope.

"Oh, we should have bought some fuljhadi for them" my friend spoke. But I wonder do they really want crackers? Yes it will be fun but wouldn't some decent gifts like sweets or little useful things like crayons, biscuits etc. would help them more?

We were almost back to our house hence I couldn't do much. But when I step out day after tomorrow, I will surely fill up my car with little things and spread the joy. And next year, I will ensure my car if full of little gifts a week before Diwali so ensure I spread some smiles.

This is my pledge, what is yours? I hope you take similar one too and make our festival even better than before.

Love & Cheers


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