Monday, 24 October 2016

A Kind Gesture from our Prime Minister...


I am not the one who likes to write about Politics but I read a news article yesterday which motivated me to share it with everyone...

Living in Gurgaon we see a lot of AAP fans and a lot of Narendra Modi fans. I for one is in total support of our PM and if you read 'honest news' regularly, you won't ask for reasons. (Also I don't want to go into other parties where they spend only 10 minutes in their office in the past 2 months and God knows how but spend more than 1 Crore tax payer money on Samosas).
Anyways, talking about our PM, I would like to state one reason here as to why I find him the most humble and perfect politician).

Running a country and bringing it closer to success is not an easy task. It has been mentioned again and again that our PM works for around 18 hours a day (even we don't work that long and it should be noted that he is old) and he has not taken a single day off ever since he has taken the post. He responds to each letter himself and tweets as well. Its not just this, he is brilliant, polite and also shows kindness and gratitude towards the normal citizens of India.

One of the instance that I read was when an average couple wrote to PM requesting to name their daughter, PM called them himself and suggested the name 'Vaibhavi'. Yes, he called them himself. He was thoughtful enough to suggest the name based on parents names. Now, a Modi-hater must say why is this important, but if we think about it, for a PM to take out 2.5 minutes to talk and then write an official letter is a big deal. It does not suggest he does not have any work to do... but it actually suggests he is kind and considerate. Full news here.

To many it will sound like not-so big a deal and I don't know about you but it actually made me respect him more and understand why not just Indians but whole world respects him. Hats off to you our Prime Minister and Thank you for making India a better and safer place to live.

Love & Cheers

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