Tuesday, 28 April 2015



Throughout each day we learn something new, be it regarding some good habit or some natural cure or about a celebrity... depending upon your day-to-day activities you are exposed to multiple things.

Many things that I see/learn are good and some are pretty overwhelming and some are worth noting & sharing. Over years I have learnt so many things and now I feel the need of downloading them in one place. Hence I am creating this blog... 
In here I plan to share many things like:

Self Help tips on how to cure yourself without medicine

After leading most of my life on western medicine I have decided to revoke them and get on herbal treatment. 

After months of research I have found that almost  every issue can be cured with natural remedies (if timed properly and if you are not dying). Hence I have decided to share it with the world. 

I will talk about many issues but being a woman I am starting with one of the major issues in women i.e. PCOS. Along with this in consequent days we shall also talk about curing common cold, improving immunity, facial hair issue in women, acne etc. 

If you are open to give it a try, I only ask you to hop-on this journey with me where we will try to cure us without medicines...

Enjoy & Take care

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