Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Holy Grail... Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


In the last post I mentioned that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is the best option for curing PCOS.
However it just does not cure PCOS, it has many benefits.

After feeling the benefits of this drink, I made it mission to find most of its benefits and much to my surprise they are so many.

Before I list down the benefits lets talk about few things:

Which ACV should be bought?
Always buy Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurised ACV with the mother in it. With mother it means the little muddy thing that settles in the bottom of the bottle. It looks kind of yellow in colour. Dont buy the transparent ones that we get in food store, they wont help you. 
In India I couldn't find any store that sells ACV, hence I always buy it online. There are many online sellers which sell them, choose the one you want. I prefer Bragg ACV, which is considered best. 

How to consume ACV?
Shake well before use
ACV as name suggests is vinegar and has around 5% acidity level. Plus the pungent odour that it has makes it difficult to drink. (People who are alcohol consumers find this relatively easier)

For the consumption, drink it with water, take 1 tbsp of ACV, dilute it in water and drink. It is not recommended to drink it without water, it will burn like hell.
It is also not advised to add any contents that are acidic in nature like soft drinks, lemon etc. Given that ACV is already acidic, it makes it rather more difficult.
Also, it is strongly recommended to drink it with straw because constant use of ACV can slowly dissolve enamel in your teeth. Hence I swallow it directly

For odour, you get used to the smell in sometime, once you start drinking it eventually you start liking it. (For starter, you can pinch your nose for few seconds ;))

When to drink ACV?
Preferred time is in the morning and 30 minutes before meals. ACV aids digestion hence it is well suited time.
To begin with you should start with once per day and after your body is used to it, you can drink it multiple times. I have been drinking it twice daily and it helped me.

Now lets move on the benefits of ACV... below I have mentioned 40 different benefits of ACV. And I am pretty sure there will be many more.
  1. Helps cure PCOS
  2. Helps balance your hormones
  3. Helps improve Immunity
  4. Helps improve blood circulation
  5. Aids weight loss (you need to workout to along with ACV to leverage this benefit sooner)
  6. Help reduce water retention
  7. Helps tone hips and thighs
  8. Controls blood sugar
  9. Controls cholesterol
  10. Controls high blood pressure
  11. Cures dandruff (massage some apply diluted ACV on your scalp, wash away after 20-30mins)
  12. Nourishes hair and adds glow
  13. Reduced pigmentation (apply diluted ACV on your face and leave overnight; Avoid sunlight when ACV is applied)
  14. Helps skin radiate
  15. Helps reduce white heads
  16. Help reduce sun burn
  17. Helps strengthen nails
  18. Helps reduce excessive sweating
  19. Helps with muscle cramps (regular drinking or massage)
  20. Helps reduces skin tags (apply diluted ACV on skin tags, leave overnight)
  21. Helps reduce migraine
  22. Helps reduce body odour
  23. Helps neck pains (soak towel in diluted ACV and apply on affected area)
  24. Helps joint pains (Drinking or massaging)
  25. Has long term impact on insomnia
  26. Helps cough & cold
  27. Improves metabolism hence aids digestion
  28. Helps in UTI (Urinary track infection)
  29. Helps cure acidity
  30. Helps in constipation
  31. Helps cure Tinea Versicolor (fungal infection on skin)
  32. Helps reduce bug bites (don't leave on infected area for prolonged period)
  33. Helps treat hoarse voice
  34. Helps increase sperm count 
  35. Helps reduce dizziness & nausea
  36. Helps improve haemoglobin levels
  37. Helps control heavy menstrual bleeding
  38. Helps reduce PMS symptoms
  39. Helps cure breast pain
  40. Helps cure stomach flu
And counting...

After looking at the above list you would agree it is a holy grail. And when you now know what magical solution it is, then why don't give it a try. 
Just 1 tbsp for at least 6 months and you are sorted. All the best

Till then,
Take care.

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