Wednesday, 29 April 2015

PCOS aka Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


PCOS or PCOD is very common these days. Many girls/women struggle with this issue and unfortunately most don't even realise what is it.  

Most common symptoms of PCOS are 
1. Inconsistent or no periods
2. Unable to fall pregnant
3. Weird pains in abdominal or pelvis area
4. Weight gains (usually unexplained)
5.  Facial hair, acne etc

If you are suffering from most of the above symptoms then most likely you have PCOS. And much to your distress there is no known cure for PCOS in medical history. However there are ways through which you can not just control it but also in time get rid of it... Just like most women i too am a victim of this issue and after so much research i am improving and now have decided to share it with the world. 

In this section of my blog we are going to talk and discuss how to defeat the monster called PCOS... but before we get into the solution lets talk about what causes it. 

It is very important to note that PCOS is not a disease that is caused by any virus or some infection, instead it is a situation that develops in your body due to stress and/or unhealthy lifestyle. One might argue that it has nothing to with lifestyle but i beg to differ because statistically PCOS was rare when we led much better life. 

PCOS happens when the hormones in your body gets imbalanced. The 2 hormones in question are called LH and FSH. You ideally don't need so much detail but its good to know when your doctor asks you to get a blood test and  you don't know how to read them (well its valid for people like me who are so curious that they cant even wait for doctor to take a look)

So to explain how to interpret the results. Usually LH should be less than FSH (even if they are in normal range). If your LH is greater than FSH it means you have PCOS condition. When i tested myself 1st time it was double which means severe PCOS, but after 6 months of my own herbal treatment (western medicines didn't help me ) my LH was only 1.5 times (and going downwards), my doctor was surprised too...  

Now lets talk why your hormones are imbalanced? Well you didn't do anything intentionally so what went wrong. The answer my dear is simple - Stress. 
Stress can reveal itself in many ways like sleep deprivation, lack of hunger or excessive hunger, temperament, restlessness etc. any and all of these not just have visible effect on you but all these also silently affect your fertility and reproduction cycle. 

Even if you had bad childhood with nightmarish experience or very strict parents or guardians you can have this issue, so if you want to know why, keep quiet and think back and evaluate all reasons and find the source. Once you know the source you can take it forward towards curing it...

If you are the girl suffering or partner or friend of the girl suffering, let me assure you one thing... If you are very very lucky it can go away by its own, but unfortunately if you are like most of us then now is the time to focus on it....

Let me know your views and feedback by commenting in this post. We will discuss the solutions in my next post. 

Till then
Take care

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