Friday, 19 June 2015

Book Review: Fifty Shades Series

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Have heard a lot about this book and about it's journey from self-publishing & POD to best seller. Honestly I was intrigued to see what the fuss is all about and after reading it I understand now.

The book series revolve around typical Mills and Boon's characters, a super handsome, Greek God type ultra-rich intimidating man and an average, timid woman. The only difference between this and typical M&B books is that where its romance and tasteful erotica in M&B, it's BDSM & hard-core sex in fifty shades. 

Looking at the characters, the characters are well defined and written in the series. You actually get attached to them and many would fall in love with Christian & Ana (the lead characters). Other side-characters are also well spaced, there is no one who is just looming around the story and not participating enough. 

When it comes to story its very basic. Standard love story with some twists and turns of Christian's past. Honestly apart from his past rest all was sadly predictable and at times miserable. Again and again it was reminding me of Bella and Edward from Twilight, just that he was an overprotective vampire and here Christian is an overprotective boyfriend and husband. For me, I missed the originality in the characters.

Regarding the intimate sections of the book, honestly they are not tastefully done. They are not erotic, rather its very raw and gross at some points. After a point all I did was turned over pages to get over it and read the love story which was more interesting to me.

With respect to writing, I was told that English people have better command on English, well I suppose that's not the case for everyone. The words across 3 books are very heavy, I wonder if thesaurus is behind them. There are some basic mistakes in the book and one which is really funny is, there is usage of certain words or phrase at length and forgotten later, for example, for certain pages Christian uses eh after each sentence and then he forgets to use them after sometime. The prologues are very vague and don't easily like to story, plus the epilogue could have been skipped or could have been written in much better fashion

You might wonder how come this book is a bestseller, and the answer is simple, it provides access to written porn in broad daylight. Watch the movie to understand why I am saying so (but let me warn you, it's a terrible watch). However, the story (if ignore some issues there) is good and hooks the reader, one can read for that.

For me, I chose to see what al fuss about and I am disappointed. I could have spent my week reading rather something more interesting and actually romantic

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