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Dil Dhadakne Do Movie... My Reviews and Thoughts

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A simple warning: my review contains not a lot but some spoilers. You have been warned :)

Few weeks ago I saw a post saying 'after zindagi na milegi dobara this is another movie where all stars will be seen partying' and it is exactly the same. The movie although starts from Delhi but ends up in Greece.

For starters I didn't find the movie as great as it has been hyped. Characters are very good but story doesn't bind them properly. It stars Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Rahul Bose, Farhaan Akhtar, Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah and Aamir Khan. The screen provides some fresh and unique couples who are not so easy going, all have complicated relations, just like it is predicted for all high class societies.

Talking about characters, the best character is of Ranveer Singh, he clearly stole the show and the heart of his audience. He is the only character who will make you laugh throughout the movie. The next best character, or equivalent is of Aamir Khan, he is the voice of Ranveer's dog Pluto and does wonders in his narration. Priyanka, as usual looks glamorous and beautiful but they could have done a little better with her outfit. Most of them were simply weird. Anushka, Farhaan & Rahul are simply side characters who are crucial but not the important ones, or in other words, could have done with other stars
I also liked the acting of Zarina Wahab. She plays the role of Rahul Bose's mother, Priyanka MIL. Oh God, I am so glad my MIL is not like her. She is shown one hell of a woman who complains all the time and has all sorts of illness, starting from Vertigo to Asthama. I guess she must keep a handbook of illness at hand to state the next one right on time. Its hilarious.

The story revolves around Mehra family and their business 'Ayka' i.e. Ayesha (Priyanka) & Kabir (Ranveer). It is their parents (Anil & Shefali) 30th anniversary and they plan a cruise from Turkey to Greece. One thing which is ironic in this is that Ayka is almost bankrupt, still they go this super-expensive cruise with whole lot of other high class people. At one point it was mentioned that per couple it is around 8000 Euros. It is a lot of money. Anyways... they are a non-loving, almost bankrupt family but still go this cruising trip

A lot happens on the cruise, like Mehra Mama-Papa who are not at all in love, papa always having an affair and mama always criticizing start understanding each other. After years of bickering and unfaithfulness they come to an understanding. Sister Mehra decides to get a divorce because she was forced into the marriage for a business deal and brother Mehra falls in love with a Muslim bar dancer and over-boards the ship to find his true love. All this sound a little cheesy but it is kind of well put in the whole movie. You kind of understand it.
There are various other side stories which fill in the gaps but major is around these four characters.

The music of the show is a little average, usually the songs you expect with such cast movies is great and epic but here they don't do justice, neither do the dance moves. They should have done a better job here

All in all, the movie is one time watch. But if you want to watch it for your all time favourite characters like Rahul Bose, Farhaan Akhtar etc. then it is not worth 400 bucks. My rating 3/5 only due to Ranveer Singh and Pluto

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