Monday, 22 June 2015

Book Review: Hurry Om Hari


Title: Hurry Om Hari
Author: Parul Tyagi
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Pages: 130
Price: Rs. 175
My Rating: 3.25/5

Haven't we all heard this at least thousand times in our lives? (Okay you must have heard more.) The point is we are all in a hurry to make something. Be it careers, relationships, excuses, success, cover ups, babies, lives.

Om and Hari.

Their dreams may be at the far ends of a rope, their journeys may be markedly different from each other's but their desire is common - to make it on their own!

What makes this even more tedious is their race against time in doing so. They are the dreamers, the strugglers, the under dogs, the go getters, the nerve wreckers, the charmers and....... they are You!

My Review:
I came across the title while I was searching for some nice read and found many positive reviews on-line about this book. Honestly I am not disappointed to decide to buy this one (considering my last read)

Hurry Om Hari is a fast paced, nonchalant, refreshing love story of two individuals who although want to be together but decide to live up their dreams first.
Om and Harini (aka Om & Hari) meet, fall in love and then set on their own paths to fulfil their destinies. Their families support them and more so they support each other. I really liked the chemistry and understanding, something that every relation should have. Also, the support and care the families show.

For characters, they are well defined and linked. All characters have their purpose in the story and they fulfill it without any miss. 

The story is likeable and in compliance with today's scenario. The way it is written, you actually fall in love with the characters. Its engrossing and makes the book unputdownable.

Really enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a fair good read. 

The only little issue is the with the language here and there but given the story and everything, we can ignore them

My rating: 3.25/5

Hope this helps and you enjoy the book too...

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