Thursday, 25 January 2018

Book: Scent of an Undiscovered Writer - Good Cover and Title, but the Content...

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Title:  Scent of an Undiscovered Writer
Author: Callre (Abhishek Mohta)
Publisher: Self
Pages: 256
Price: Rs. 245
My Rating: 2.5/5


This is the story of a guy who started life in an ordinary way ... but adversity and hardships prepared him for an extraordinary destiny. A fickle-minded youth, without really meaning to, becomes a graphic designer. Despite having passion to execute something incredible, he loses his path and becomes confused about the next day. But if he has to make it large, he should start making meaningful choices that would instill dedication in him. He starts his journey laced with deep, heart-felt emotions, obstacles, enthusiasm and motivation.
Join him on an enthralling, entrancing and inspiring journey, encrypted with the meaning of life.

Starting with the title of the book, it is very intriguing. I just wanted to read it them moment I read it. The cover of the book is also very interesting. It depicts so many aspects... but does the pages do justice to it? 

Talking about the story, it is about a boy (Abhishek Mohta, aka author) who moves to Delhi as a graphic designer and how his various decisions changes him and his perceptive towards life. It revolves around ups and downs on his life and how he survived. 
However, to me the flow was not up to mark. It seemed like story was going in one flow and then, in middle, a mixture of thoughts are added without prior context. I found a lot of disconnects which was a mood downer aspect.

The characters are okay, and I feel a little more background, a little more depth would have done them much more justice.

Overall it is an okay read, but author do need to invest in good typesetting and editing. There are a lot of issues in typesetting of the book. The sentences break in middle and while reading in a flow, it comes as a setback. Also, the grammar needs significant improvement.

My overall rating (for now) is 2.5/5 for the book. If author works on the book and revisits all the issues from a professional lens then this book can gain a higher rating.

You can find the book on amazon.

Lots of love

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