Sunday, 30 July 2017

Have you watched 'Good Witch' TV Show?

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It says it is a supernatural drama, well with the name being 'Good Witch' but apparently it is not. It is a sweet Rom-Com which just brings smile to face.

Simple yet beautiful, it is show about newly widowed Cassie Nightingale, played by Catherine Bell, and her life and her 'feelings'. When I say feelings I mean she has very strong intuitive sense and she uses it to help all other people in the quiet town Middleton. Her daughter Grace, Bailee Madison, inherits her intuitive sense and discovers her gifts with help of her mother.
The show also revolves around Cassie's developing relationship with her new neighbor Sam, James Denton. Sam is the only doctor in Middleton and it is exciting to see their beautiful chemistry.

The other characters of the show bring about a charm too. The mayor Martha, Bistro owner Steph and few others add life.

Every episode has a beautiful message to convey and after watching all episodes that have been aired, I highly recommend this show to anyone who just wanna watch something simple and adorable.

Do give it a try. Click here for its Wikipedia page.

Lots of love.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Book: Moon in the Sun - A Novel in Poetic Form


Title:  The Moon in the Sun: A Novel in Poetry of Love, Life, Soul & Wildlife
Author: Sanjay Kumar Singh
Publisher: Notion Press
Pages: 198
Price: Rs. 340
My Rating: 3.75/5

When Narayan Sambhan's world fell apart at a very tender age, the time he spent in the forests that lay ample around his village resuscitated him. No one knew the forests and the tiger better than Narayan Sambhan. But the forests are mercilessly cut down and increasing loneliness invades his life. As he struggles to carry on, a remarkable incident takes place.
The Moon In the Sun is a tale in poetry set in the Himalayan Terai replete with mesmerizing sights, bliss and beauty as also nerve-wracking experiences that the jungles alone can provide and bestow. It is also a touching tale, in poetry, of the wonderful journey that life can be when the soul attempts to break free.

A story of love, life and freedom, 'The Moon in the Sun' is a beautiful story in form of poetry. It is the first book I have come across in this form and it is rather impressive.
I know how hard it is to write poems - especially finding rhymes... and Sanjay -the author- has done it wonderfully.

The story revolves around Narayan Sambhan and his experiences in the wild. He loves forest and everything that comes with it and when he is hired to spot a tiger, everything changes. Set in Himalayan Terai, you are bound to fall in love with the surroundings.

The cover of the book is interesting and though at random title may seem a bit weird, but it totally makes sense when in context of the book.

The only drawback of the book is that too much poetry can also prove to be a monotonous. I am not an avid poem reader hence reading this book in one stretch was a bit taxing. Had to finish it in multiple sittings. Also, it is way too expensive... It would be better go with kindle version.

My overall rating is 3.75/5 (points added for wondrous Himalayas and poetry). 

You can also grab your copy and share your opinions.

Lots of love