Sunday, 30 August 2015

Poem - Last Wish

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Sometimes I wish I could just run
Just run away hide
Such that there is no one known 
And I could let the pain subside

For I am in pain
That only I have to bear
Its a torture
Its worst then what it appears

It's sadness and loneliness 
That creeps into my heart 
I hope it will vanish
The day I'll depart

From this world 
And this life
The day I wont be a daughter 
And no longer a wife...

Monday, 24 August 2015

Fantastic Four Movie: My Reviews and thoughts

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Ahh... what a disappointment... I was so excited when I saw the promo earlier but the movie is
nothing as per expectations...

The movie is very different from its original plot which is kind of interesting. The way they work around finding the new dimension is good but apart from that it has no charm. 
The beginning definitely looks promising however from the middle, especially when they all get their powers, it gets on the downside.

The movie has various angles to it and at few points they talk about how everything has a pattern however, in the movie itself there is no significant pattern visible, especially after a point. Things happen without any significance. Also the plot gets really predictable and weak. 

The 4 main characters aka fantastic four do not do justice to the original combo in 2005 (well, whether that one was good or not is a separate topic of discussion). Yes the purpose was to show really young people, but the acting and effort is bad. It feels like that few kids have been put together and asked to read lines in some play or act

Also the villain of the movie, the big bad super villain, has no significance. How is he created, how he survives and why is he like this, nothing is answered. Suddenly he crops out of no where and starts killing. Also this big bad scary villain is defeated without a significant effort. In these movies you expect more action, planning and drama, instead whole sequence ended in like 10 minutes, which is a huge disappointment.

The movie serves as a base for upcoming parts, which I hope will be much better than this one. 

All in all, if you are a fantastic four fan or a real big super hero fan, this is the movie for you. For rest of us, not so much

My rating - 1.5/5

Hope this helps

Till then
Take Care

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Poem - A Silent Breeze

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She sat there listening to the silent breeze
A breeze that tangled her hair
She knew she has to go
But she just couldn't decide where

As loneliness crept her heart
Tears trickled down her face
So much pain, so many memories
She only wished she could erase

She sat there listening to the silent breeze
As she enveloped it in her palms
Its gentle touch gave her strength
It gave her sense and some calm

With a deep breath she stood up
Ready to face the world from which ran
But does it really have to be that way
Can't she just start over and have a new plan?

"Let's run away" her heart said
For there is nothing in your world except the hate
But she can't run, she can't hide
For it's her destiny to suffocate...

~Kritika Gupta Sharma 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Book Review: Right Here Right Now by Nikita Singh

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Title: Right Here Right Now
Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Penguin Publishers
Pages: 232
Price: Rs. 121
My Rating: 3.5/5

Right Here Right Now is a story of a seventeen year old girl Kalindi who wakes up in a hospital having no recollection of how she got there. She gets to know that she had been in an accident and her whole memory has been wiped clean due to that.

Kalinidi has lost all the seventeen years of her memories and she begins her life a new while trying to absorb her life through bits and pieces delivered to her through her parents, friends and her boyfriend. But she is having a hard time accepting who she was. Also, no one knows what happened to her.

Will she be able to live a peaceful and happy present and future ignoring her past?

Right Here Right Now in one word is an easy read. The reason I picked up this book was the tag-line and the photo of an innocent girl on the cover page. I expected it to be a thriller drama but it turned out to be a teen romance, anyways no harm done, I like teen drama too

In terms of story and plot, it is interesting although I wont call it unique because there are many movies on same but this story is written a differently. It is an easy read and I say it because one can read it one sitting and not feel bored. The story is light and keeps on building. 

The characters are nicely woven, I liked the character of Harsh who, although is just a teenager, sees world in totally different ways. The relation between Kalindi and her mother is also beautiful.

My rating for the book is 3.5/5 because of few cons.To start with, if you are quickly reading the book, you would have to stop and re-read some sentences. The reason of accident and memory loss are left in hanging, the readers deserved to know how it happened, but it was never revealed. Also the ending, oh the ending was very abrupt. The love story of Kalindi and Harsh should have been explored more. At one point they are friends and next they are confessing, it felt incomplete.

Anyhow, it is a pretty nice, easy and quick read and I loved reading it. Hope you enjoy too

Till then
Take Care

Saturday, 1 August 2015

5 Post Apocalyptic Shows to Watch...

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These days wherever we see people talk about Apocalypse. 3 years ago everyone predicted and expected Earth to wipe out of the face of the universe, well Thankfully that didn't happen. 
Where all these predictions didn't happen, some shows in  Hollywood are making these happen, and some are making them really good.

I agree that there are many shows in which Humans face some kind of apocalypse and try to survive it, but below is the list of 5 shows that I liked out of so many shows I have watched (Yes, I do watch a lot of series and hey don't judge me, I just find time for everything I like in my designated 24 hours :))

1. The Walking Dead
The most talked and popular show as of now in this genre. And trust me it deserve it. 
The show revolves around a group of survivors who now everyday deal with 'Zombies'. No one know how it began but they just know that it happened and now they have to survive it. 
By just reading above you might compare it with 'Resident Evil' movie series and to start with yes you are right because of theme, but there is no comparison amongst the two. They both are nice but I like The Walking Dead more...
There are a few Pro's and Con's in the show, let's have a look.
Talking about pros of the show, it has an awesome story and graphics. Zombies look so original that some will chill and scare you to your soul. The suspense they create is exceptionally unsettling. And the way they pull off episodes just around one or two characters is amazing. Also, few characters like Daryl and Carol simply steal the show.
In cons, sometimes it gets so gross and violent that it get difficult to stomach. Also I would say the family of lead character, Rick Grimes, is very irritating including himself. They could have done better with these leads, but if we look from different perspective, maybe they are suppose to be irritating. In that case they are simply A-class actors

2. The Last Ship
Its another super cool show. Every episode is epic and different. It revolves around a world where 85% of population is wiped out due to a deadly virus. What makes this virus exceptionally dangerous is that it is air borne. The story revolves around a navy ship which looks for its cure.
Not sure if I did proper justification in explaining the show without spoilers, but it is one show you should not miss.
Looking at pros, there are couple of them. Starting with amazing story line and well placed characters. The whole crew of Nathan James (the US Navy Ship) is brilliant, especially C.O. Tom Chandler and Tex. 
For cons I would say Ganderson, she does not do justification to her role, plus, I hate her for the what she did to humans for her 'electricity' and Niels. You would need to watch the show to understand what Niels did

3. The 100
Starting in a space arc and then followed on Earth, this show revolves around survivors of a Nuclear Attack. After a nuclear war, the Earth, as predicted, is inhabitable and survivors live in a space arc. However, the arc is dying and they send 100 children on Earth to find out if Earth is inhabitable or not. 
The story revolves around how these children survive from what is left of human kind and how humans fight each other
The pros of the show are the grounders, they are savages but they bring life to the show. The strong characters of Clarke, Lexa, Murphy, Belamy and Octavia are remarkable and make the show worth watching.
In cons, honestly the adults and their rules on their arc is not just ridiculous but also irritating. And worst of character out of all is Thelonious Jaha. I hope the new plot they are bringing up regarding him will make him a little less irritating, although won't count on it... Also the way Finn ended, it was heartbreaking

4. Dominion
The show doesn't revolves around zombies, aliens or viruses, it revolves around Angels. You see in this show God leaves us 25 years ago and now Archangel Gabriel is furious and he unleashes hell on humankind as a punishment. It is based on movie Legion and honestly the show is simply awesome.  
The biggest pro is angels. After watching it you would wish you had wings to fly. The concept and plot are very interesting. And the character of Gabriel, twisted yet sympathising, is remarkable
The cons include story of William Whele, we could have lived without that non-sense, hopefully it will build up in coming episodes, else it was a waste. And you would wish that character of Michael could have been a little stronger, however, you start to like him after few episodes. Also, sometimes episodes get a little too complicated but we can live with that.

5. Falling Skies
Here aliens invade Earth and survivors are trying to take it back.
Honestly its 2-3 seasons are really nice, but after that it gets a little weird. After watching 1st episode of Fifth and Final season I have stopped it, simply couldn't accept it in my head. Although I am pretty sure I would get a DVD someday and watch it just for the sake of initial seasons. 
The pro of the show is Colonel Weaver, he is the life of the show. Skitters, yes they are the aliens but they rock, I kind of pity them. John Pope, at times he plays bad guy but many times he is the most sensible guy as well. Also in the initial seasons, the lead of the show Tom Mason is pretty good too.
The cons include the off story line after initial seasons, (I might change it after watching Season 5). The overlords concept is simply hanging in midst and Lexi - they went a little too overboard when it came to her.

So here, if you like such series, now you have shows to watch that include zombies, viruses, angels, aliens and nuclear attack. 
Choose whichever you prefer, you wont be disappointed

Hope this helps
Till then
Take Care