Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Words Watch #9

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book - The Bearded Prince: A Simple yet Cute Kids Story


Title:  The Bearded Prince
Author: Rajesh Talwar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Pages: 118
Price: Rs. 64 (Kindle Edition)
My Rating: 3.5/5

After much persuasion, Princess Roopali, ‘the beautiful one’, agrees to have a swayamvara. This is an ancient Indian ceremony in which an unmarried girl who has come of age chooses a husband from among several suitors. According to the tradition, at the end of the ceremony, the princess is required to place a marigold garland around the neck of the prince she has decided to marry. She is happy to meet with all the princes who will attend the ceremony, and are keen to be chosen by her. She explains to her parents, the king and queen that she does not, however, wish to meet anyone with a beard. Over the past few years there have been a string of armed robberies by a gang of tough-looking bearded thugs. The princess has come to dislike beards. Her father, the king, explains to her that it would be discourteous for them not to extend an invitation to any eligible prince, but he would be surprised if any of them still sported a beard. Will Princess Roopali find the prince of her dreams? A delightful tale set in Ancient India the story provides a window into an exotic culture and will appeal to children from all age groups – particularly those from the ages of five to one hundred.

This is a story of Roopali who is set to get married. She meets fifteen eligible princes from various kingdoms.
Roopali is a kindhearted princess who wants one true love. And as is in all fairy tales, she meets him.
The story is pretty straightforward and predictable. But while reading it soothes. It is like one of those romantic soft tales which is known, yet it appeals.
I like the narration and character-description of all.
The cover doesn't do justice to this book. To me it is simply one of the books you can read to your kids.

I enjoyed reading it.
You should try it too.

Love and cheers

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Book: Scent of an Undiscovered Writer - Good Cover and Title, but the Content...

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Title:  Scent of an Undiscovered Writer
Author: Callre (Abhishek Mohta)
Publisher: Self
Pages: 256
Price: Rs. 245
My Rating: 2.5/5


This is the story of a guy who started life in an ordinary way ... but adversity and hardships prepared him for an extraordinary destiny. A fickle-minded youth, without really meaning to, becomes a graphic designer. Despite having passion to execute something incredible, he loses his path and becomes confused about the next day. But if he has to make it large, he should start making meaningful choices that would instill dedication in him. He starts his journey laced with deep, heart-felt emotions, obstacles, enthusiasm and motivation.
Join him on an enthralling, entrancing and inspiring journey, encrypted with the meaning of life.

Starting with the title of the book, it is very intriguing. I just wanted to read it them moment I read it. The cover of the book is also very interesting. It depicts so many aspects... but does the pages do justice to it? 

Talking about the story, it is about a boy (Abhishek Mohta, aka author) who moves to Delhi as a graphic designer and how his various decisions changes him and his perceptive towards life. It revolves around ups and downs on his life and how he survived. 
However, to me the flow was not up to mark. It seemed like story was going in one flow and then, in middle, a mixture of thoughts are added without prior context. I found a lot of disconnects which was a mood downer aspect.

The characters are okay, and I feel a little more background, a little more depth would have done them much more justice.

Overall it is an okay read, but author do need to invest in good typesetting and editing. There are a lot of issues in typesetting of the book. The sentences break in middle and while reading in a flow, it comes as a setback. Also, the grammar needs significant improvement.

My overall rating (for now) is 2.5/5 for the book. If author works on the book and revisits all the issues from a professional lens then this book can gain a higher rating.

You can find the book on amazon.

Lots of love

Monday, 22 January 2018

Vitamin E: A Must Have Daily Supplement

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Always in my Purse :)
I was introduced to Vitamin E when I was barely a teenager. Unlike many others, I was introduced to this supplement due much graver reason.
I was undergoing massive hormonal changes and had developed serious pains around my breasts area. After much-much hesitation, I was taken to a doctor (rather forcefully). She did her checks and after many blabbery words (I didn't understand any) she prescribed Vitamin E and handed my mother the green stripped medicine. My first thought was 'why is she giving me Pudin hara', LOL!. Only once my mother showed me the medicine I realized it was the magical pill that not just takes away your weird pains but also nourishes your skin and adds shine to your hair.

Vitamin E was also prescribed to me for better conception. I don't know how it helps but I was more than happy to consume it daily. If nothing else, it added luster to my hair...

Talking a bit about Vitamin E, it is extremely useful. Ideally one should consume it naturally - rich source of vitamin E are almonds, sweet potato, spinach, avocado etc. But unfortunately these days neither we lean towards healthy foods nor we get pure enough vegetable and fruits to get best of vitamins. Hence, in my opinion, it is best to lean on vitamins.

Apart from Vitamin E, (owing to my weak health) I also take other daily supplements of multi-vitamins, calcium etc. I always plan and space out the medicines so that none react with other or lose its potency. The ideal time to consume Vitamin E is empty stomach. Sadly I found it only last year -after consuming hundreds of my precious green pills.

To me Vitamin E is a kind of raam-baand ilaaz for many issues. And I am a regular customer of Evion Vitamin E pills and I don't think I can ever survive without it. Do you want to give Evion Supplements a try? I am sure it would help you and you won't be disappointed. You can know more at: http://www.evion.co.in/

Lots of Love


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Meet Abhishek Mohta: A Novelist, A Screenwriter and An Entrepreneur


  • Hi Abhishek, please tell us something about yourself?

Ans - Me...? A Novelist, A Screenwriter, An Entrepreneur, A survivor currently working/ residing in Mumbai. I'm also a significant team member at Saffron Broadcast and  Media Ltd.
  • You have recently published a book, please tell us something about it.

Ans - I wanted to write an inspirational tale about the meaning of life. Since it was my first novel, I was unaware of some facts. Too my great regret... It somehow lacked. But I believe... it's never too late to learn. Will make the second novel even better!
  • What inspired you to write your recent book?
Ans - Well... I was dreaming of becoming a storyteller from past 7 years. But was never too sure, if it's the right time. Later I was impelled "The time will never be just right"
  • What do you like more – writing your stories or working in your profession?
Ans - My profession and passion are intertwined together. The only difference- in my profession I need to write screenplays along with the story line.
  • What kind of books do you read? Any favourite authors/books?
Ans - I usually read novels based on romance, thriller and science fiction. Besides, memoirs and entrepreneurial books catches my eye.

Some of my favortite books are "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight, "The girl on the train" by Paula Hawkins, "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy, "The New Pyramid Age" by Philip Coppens, "The Polyster Prince: Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani" by Hamish McDonald, Dan Brown series, Harry Potter series, etc.
  •  What were the key challenges that you face while you write?

Ans - There's a proverb - "The weak died and the coward never tried."

There were lots of challenges, I faced throughout my journey, "from a fickle minded graphic designer to an author... now screenwriter."

My working schedules were hecking. After my work, I used to write till late night, 3 A.M. And half of the book, I completed while traveling in the metro train... since my workplace was faraway. But I never gave up, "In a certain phase of life when we get trap, There’s always a chance to swap." (proverb from my book).
  • Which phase of book you hate most? Writing, Editing, Marketing, or something else?
Ans - Honestly speaking, I wasn't aware of the marketing strategies. Earlier, I use to hate marketing headaches, later realized it's as important as writing a book. And even if / when you're going for self-publishing... you need to research and find out the most promising publishers, there are few. And never depend on your publishers entirely. It's your book and your responsibility to make the most of it.

  • Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with new authors?
Ans - "Do something which arouses happiness in your own bones." - C A L L R E
  • Any other projects you are working on? Yes, what are they?
Ans - Currently I'm working on several projects (as a screenwriter), "The Sun is Mine", untitled projects which is my first and foremost priority as of now. And I'm also assisting a team of writers for a web series named "Kalyug" , to be broadcasted on Netflix. After that I'll be completing my second novel titled "Aashiqui" (which is half written, expected to release somewhere in March 2018).
  • Lastly, if you have to describe your book in few lines, how will you do it?
Ans - In journey of life we learn, earn and sometimes decide to scribble the whole story in a book. Get it for yourself if you aren't a grammar Nazi and love to read journals. (Chuckles)

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