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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book - The Bearded Prince: A Simple yet Cute Kids Story


Title:  The Bearded Prince
Author: Rajesh Talwar
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Pages: 118
Price: Rs. 64 (Kindle Edition)
My Rating: 3.5/5

After much persuasion, Princess Roopali, ‘the beautiful one’, agrees to have a swayamvara. This is an ancient Indian ceremony in which an unmarried girl who has come of age chooses a husband from among several suitors. According to the tradition, at the end of the ceremony, the princess is required to place a marigold garland around the neck of the prince she has decided to marry. She is happy to meet with all the princes who will attend the ceremony, and are keen to be chosen by her. She explains to her parents, the king and queen that she does not, however, wish to meet anyone with a beard. Over the past few years there have been a string of armed robberies by a gang of tough-looking bearded thugs. The princess has come to dislike beards. Her father, the king, explains to her that it would be discourteous for them not to extend an invitation to any eligible prince, but he would be surprised if any of them still sported a beard. Will Princess Roopali find the prince of her dreams? A delightful tale set in Ancient India the story provides a window into an exotic culture and will appeal to children from all age groups – particularly those from the ages of five to one hundred.

This is a story of Roopali who is set to get married. She meets fifteen eligible princes from various kingdoms.
Roopali is a kindhearted princess who wants one true love. And as is in all fairy tales, she meets him.
The story is pretty straightforward and predictable. But while reading it soothes. It is like one of those romantic soft tales which is known, yet it appeals.
I like the narration and character-description of all.
The cover doesn't do justice to this book. To me it is simply one of the books you can read to your kids.

I enjoyed reading it.
You should try it too.

Love and cheers