Sunday, 16 June 2019

Book Reviews - Kids Books #1


Recently I bought a couple of educational books for my son. And below is the quick review of three of them...

"I hate it when my son spends so much time on phone on YouTube. Yes he learns from it, but I rather prefer the books.
And this book is a fun book for him to learn.
This book not just contain opposites, it contains interesting images and very well described illustrations.
And it not just has one example, instead, it has many illustrations which indulge kids and makes it interesting for them.
My son likes it very much. I hope other kids like and learn from it too. "

"This book is not for kids below 3 years as it can be too complicated for them. But for kids around and above 3 years, it is a perfect book to learn.

The book contains all modes of transport with nice colorfol images. Any transport vehicle that you can think of, is available in the book. I was very impressed by the collection.

It is a must-have book to teach our kids."

"It is imperative to teach our kids good habits. And given how today's scenario is, it becomes even more crucial.
I feel that many times our kids learn less of good things from us, instead learn bad or negative things from outside.
So, how do we teach them?
One good way is through books. And this book is helpful.
This book contains many little things that teach our kids what to do and how to do. Things like turn off lights, be respectful etc. We try to tell these to kids but they don't always follow.
But through this book, via colorful pics etc. it helps.
I liked this book a lot and I use it to teach my son.
I hope others find it useful too."

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Book Review - The Portrait of a Lady


The Portrait of a Lady is regarded as Henry James’s finest work of psychological realism. the novel is an eloquent work of literature realizing the distance between happiness and money.
Set in Europe, the Portrait of a Lady is the story of a beautiful, strong-willed young American woman, Isabel Archer, who upon her father’s death is brought to Europe by her wealthy aunt Mrs. Touchett. it is assumed that Isabela will soon marry, but instead the penniless girl inherits a large amount of money and chooses to enjoy her freedom. She turns down two eligible suitors but eventually gets drawn to Gilbert Osmond. Osmond is cultured, charming and a fortune hunter and sees Isabella as a trophy to be coveted..
Would Isabella leave Osmond on realizing his decadence or would she succumb to her destiny. with this story of intense heartbreak, Henry James created one of his most brilliant and timeless heroines.

Written by Henry James, it is a classic.
Story of a woman who inherits a fortune and suddenly becomes the centre of attention.
The story well narrates the angle how money draws everyone. And how people are willing to take advantage just to get hands of that fortune
Written in the era of classics, this one book has it all. 
It would draw attention and would make you read it in one-go.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Book - The Sleepless Beauty: A funny, witty and beautiful fairy tale.


Title: The Sleepless Beauty
Author: Rajesh Talwar
Publisher: Kindle
Pages: 70
Price: Rs. 90 
My Views: A nice read


In a small kingdom somewhere in the Himalayas, the beautiful young Princess Ramya cannot sleep. It all started soon after her mother, the queen, passed away, when the princess was only twelve. Her father, the king, tries everything to make his little princess sleep, but nothing works. The princess develops such an inability to sleep that she becomes known in her kingdom and far beyond as the Sleepless Beauty.

The king wishes Princess Ramya to marry and take over the reins of government, but the princess is determined not to marry till such time as her sleep is restored. Eventually, the king announces a competition whereby whichever prince succeeds in getting Princess Ramya to sleep will win her hand. Meanwhile deadly foes of the kingdom wait and watch in the wings, planning to launch a surprise attack. This exciting, romantic tale, with comic interludes, will appeal to readers of all ages. 

The sleepless beauty is another beautiful tale by Rajesh Sir.  I have read his few other kids stories and I must say I like everything he writes.