Saturday, 28 January 2017

Finding my 'smile' again

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Falling in love is easy, but to keep on falling in love is most difficult. 

Life is one big melodrama, isn't it? The more in-depth you think about it the more drama you find in it.

Talking about my life, I met my husband 9 years ago and fell in love with him instantly. I could never believe how someone can be so kind, polite, loving, caring and responsible. He was the perfect man and I didn't miss a moment in making him mine. So, we got married and everything was just perfect - well everything except one thing. Although, we lived alone but we were never alone. We always had a shadow of family. We moved to South Africa and even then the shadow followed. I started hating everything that we had - that was just work and no holidays. We never went anywhere because we had to save money (for family) and we didn't take break because we had to save up holidays to go back to our 'family'.

I started to feel I was losing my smile, my happiness and even my marriage. I saw everything falling apart when one fine day he asked me join him for a long drive. I love long drives but to my utter surprise he took me on a very long drive – 1300 kms to be precise. It was our anniversary week and he planned a whole week out. We both were in same department and somehow he managed to get us both a week's holiday. In whole week he planned a trip of 5 cities, and it was simply blissful. I couldn't believe that he planned everything from hotels to candle-lit dinners and my job was just to cherish each moment. 

As we drove six hours straight I asked him, "Why?" It's not that I was not happy, but it's just that I had never seen this side of him. He was so swamped in work and responsibilities that I had lost touch with the man I fell in love with and that day I saw a glimpse of him. 
He held my hand and replied, "You believe that I don't see how sad you are, but I actually do. I am sorry for neglecting you for so long"

Tears brimmed my eyes at his sentiment. I know he loves me but it was the first time he had shown such sentiment. 

"Happy 3rd anniversary" he continued and gently kissing my hand he pressed hard on accelerator for neither of us could wait to arrive our destination.

Next morning I woke up with a sweet memory of last night and romantic dinner. It was incredible.

"I don't remember when last you woke up with a smile on your face" my husband smiled as he caressed my hair. A feeling of warmth spread through my body as I realized, 'Yes, I too don't remember when I smiled like this before', but in that moment, in my smile, in his smile, I knew - 'I have fallen in love with him, again'

And just like that, we rekindled our love and laughed together into the beautiful morning.

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Love and Cheers

Those 2 much awaited dark lines...

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After TTC for almost 3 years and after two failed IUI, I had totally lost hope... The reason for failed IUI was no issue with me, instead it was of the greedy doc (that bi***) who used our sentiments to make money.
Anyways, that's a story for another day. But yes, I had totally lost hope. After second failed attempt I had almost stopped stepping out of home and had turned almost suicidal. I had started hating everything and everyone, including myself and my husband. I knew we were suffering so I suggested adoption but no one in my family agreed to it, starting with my husband. "Let's try one more year, if we are unsuccessful even then, we will consider"
My husband, for the record, is the nicest and kindest man you will ever know. He loves me to his core and I love him equally however at that time I was so frustrated that I believed he was being unkind and doesn't understand - I wanted to a divorce. Yes, this was my lowest point I believe and I was that depressed and hopeless.

For a change, he took me to Goa and got onboard with my decision to change the city. I literally fled Mumbai and moved to Delhi hoping change of surroundings will help. And they did help.

I am not sure where the magic happened but I missed my periods - again. I have an abrupt cycle and no thanks to past failed IUIs it was much worse. As I got 2 months overdue I asked him to get me pills to get my periods back. I didn't want to take another pregnancy test and undergo another round of depression. However, he brought both.

"Please just give it a try, what if?" he was hopeful.

"How can you be hopeful. We are cursed," I yelled and locked myself in the room and cried for hours. This was so not me, when I get angry, depressed and I usually throw things but I don't cry. This was new. So were the weird pains I was getting all over but I dismissed them as nothing.

I don't remember much of the evening of that day as I cried a lot and eventually fell asleep. He tried to get me to eat but I couldn't. 

I woke up at 4:15 am due to an sudden urge to pee. As I stepped in the bathroom I saw the pregnancy kit neatly placed on the sink. He knew I was suffering from 'frequent urination' issue and would wake up early morning. I knew he wanted me to take that test... So for him, I took it. (They say to take it early in the morning for best results). I left it on the counter and started roaming around. After some time, what seemed like hours, I decided to check it - you know just for the sake of checking and my whole world turned upside down. It was a BFP (Big Fat Positive)...

I stared at it for good five minutes until the reality set in. "Oh my God! It happened..." I yelled as a warm feeling of happiness swept through my body.

It was still 4:30 am and he was sleeping peacefully. I decided to inform him in the morning. But anyone who knows me can tell, I can't stomach anything exciting and by 4:31 am he was awake and getting the best news of his life. He was going to be a father... I still remember the expressions he had when he woke, he was shocked and worried for my well-being. But when he heard the news, he was delighted and speechless. It was million dollar moment for us. God, we both couldn't believe that after so many years it finally happened. And I am forever grateful to him for not letting me take those pills right away. I don't know what disaster might have happened if I did take them...

So that is my story of getting those 2 dark lines... and it was my magic of warmth moment.

What is yours? Do share...

I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Lots of love.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Who knew that health and fertility were just a sleep away :)


We have been hearing all our lives that sleeping on time and for right amount of time is very crucial as it enables us to wake up fresh and on-time the next morning. However, today we will find out how having right sleep will not just keep us fresh and happy but will also increase our chances of getting pregnant.

Below are some key points that a mother-to-be should pay attention to:

  • Lack of sleep results in upset hormones. It is not just the case in women but also in men. When we are sleep deprived or sleep and wake up at different times, we force our body to adapt to ruptured schedule. The inconsistent schedule confuses our body and it does not produce right hormones at the right time
  •  No sleep or irregular sleep makes us tired and even bitchy. Which severely affects the BD* and we will know how important BD is if we wish to conceive
  • Less sleep affects overall health which weakens the immune system of our body. With weak immune system one is more prone to fall sick which may result in no baby bump
  • Lack of sleep does affect males as well. If the sleep cycle is too abrupt, it can affect sperm count and motility
  • Sleep produces melatonin which helps body heal during the sleep process. One thing that is not so commonly known is that melatonin protects eggs during the time of ovulation. If one is sleep deprived then the body will not produce enough melatonin to protect the eggs - which in turn will result in fail cycle. Taking melatonin supplement without consulting the doctor is not advised.
  • Also if one has conceived, lack of sleep or abrupt schedule can also lead to an unfortunate miscarriage

Hence, it is very important to maintain a good sleep schedule which provides us a 7-8 hours of deep and sound sleep.

In order to have good night's sleep, one should try to follow below:
  1. Keep bedroom sleep friendly i.e. avoid bright lights that provide hindrance to sleep
  2. Keep cell phones, tablets out of reach and avoid using electronic devices just  before sleeping
  3. Keep room cool as per desired temperature
  4. Try to keep all tensions, worries aside and sleep in peace
  5. Lie down at same time everyday to get into the routine

Following above should help and if you still have problem sleeping, it is strongly suggested to visit a health care professional.

I hope my article helps. You can read more regarding this topic on this link .

The post is part of new section I am starting in my blog... Baby Diaries & Pregnancy

Love and Cheers

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Movie - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


For quite sometime I have been looking for a light-hearted children fantasy movie which is nothing but entertainment. I have watched Harry Potter, Narnia, LOTR etc. multiple times and wanted something new and 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' was most definitely what I wanted. :)

Although released in September 2016, I got the chance to watch it only now and I am disappointed that I couldn't watch it on big-screen.

Talking about plot, it revolves around Miss Peregrine (played by Eva Green) and Jake (played by Asa Butterfield).  It begins when Jake finds his grandfather mysteriously murdered and it changes everything in his life. From childhood his grandfather has told him stories about 'Peculiar children' i.e. children with some special abilities. And now, he sets on a path to find these children.
Miss Peregrine herself is a 'peculiar' and can manipulate time. The way it is shown is rather impressive. 
There are many other characters in the movie as well and they have special abilities like one can float and manipulate air, one little girl can lift boulders, one boy is invisible etc.

The primary antagonist of the story is Mr. Barron who - how should I explain - is a rather dangerous man and travels with hollows. Honestly it is very difficult to explain this side so it will be better if you watch :P

Overall it is very good movie and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

My rating to the movie - 4.5/5.

Do watch it and let me know how you found it.

Love and Cheers

Friday, 6 January 2017

Quick Titbits - Granny's Prescriptions #8

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Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe ~ Leg Cramps

Two tried and tested things to avoid leg cramps especially in middle of the night or early morning

Drink something sweet & salty like Electrolyte powder or lemon water with sweet & salt first thing in morning to replenish sodium & potassium deficiency in the body

Whichever leg is more prone to cramps, tie 4-5 rounds of black thread around ankle. It pinches some nerve or so I understand which help resolve this issue

Not sure which one works but I did both together and got rid of cramps permanently. Yay!

Love & Cheers