Thursday, 25 February 2016

Godrej No. 1 Foam Hand Wash Review


A quick review of a product I tried recently and really liked. 

Godrej No. 1 Foam Hand Wash: 
Quality - Very good, makes your hands feel clean and fresh
Stickiness - No. Like other hand soaps it doesn't stick on hand even after washing thoroughly
Smell - Floral and lasts long
Hands - Don't dry up, instead feel smooth
Quantity - Lasts more than a month. I wash my hands at least 10 times a day and it lasted this long (yes I am extremely hygiene conscious)
Price - Little expensive then other brands but worth it

Yaad hai na - "Haath Munh Bum" (I know it is UL tagline) [wink wink]

Love and Cheers

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lucifer: A devil who hails detectiveness

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When I read about Lucifer on internet I wasn't much intrigued. I am a huge fan of fiction, fantasy & Sci-fi shows but this one didn't click. I thought that it would like any other crime drama but I was so Wrong...

My hubby made me watch it and I am glad he did. It is hilarious, interesting and with a mix of devil in it. There have been four episodes so far and all had extreme punches that would make you laugh out loud. The opening credit of show includes following words, "In the beginning, The angel Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and condemned to rule Hell for all eternity. Until he decides to take vacation." The basic story line is, Lucifer - the favourite son of God was the Hell-king but he got bored and now he owns a high-end club in Los Angeles. He also has a significant charm of women and has a super-power to bring out the person's deepest desire. The way his power is portrayed is brilliant - watching the show you yourself begin to think 'what is your deepest desire'

Tom Ellis played the role of Lucifer Morningstar (the name given by God himself) and he does a splendid job in it.The dialogue delivery, mannerism and acting is perfect, totally suits the angel-cum-devil character. And not to mention he is an eye-candy. The female lead is Lauren German i.e.Chloe Decker in the show, she is LAPD officer and finds herself with an unwanted devil partner. The chemistry between the two is weird but desirable and you definitely feel the inclination. The cutest character of the show is Scarlett Estevez i.e. Beatrice in the show. She is the daughter of Chloe and the relationship between Lucifer and Beatrice is amazingly portrayed. There are some other regular characters in the show and they are fine - so far I feel their character is still being built.

The show airs every Monday and is signed for total of 13 episodes in Season 1. I hope that story stays interesting going forward as well and it gets signed for few more seasons.

Overall, it is a pretty fine show and you will enjoy it. It is not everyday you see a show where a devil is actually trying to do some good ;)

Hope you enjoy the show too.

Cheers and Love.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Quick Titbits - Granny's Prescriptions #6

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Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe ~ Odour Free Fresh Home

To have a naturally fresh room
Take a saucer
Add lemon juice and baking soda
or lemon juice and vinegar
and keep it in the smelling area
The odour will vanish in some time
and mild fragrance of lemon will stay

Cheers and Love

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Humour + Super Hero - Dead pool takes it to a whole new level

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P.S. Spoilers ahead... (not many though :P)

They have taken hilarious to a whole new level. The punches and dialogues are mind-blowing. There were times when whole theatre was ringing with laughter and even in the grimmest situations, they made you laugh. Deadpool is the eighth instalment of the X-men series. Yes, it is part of X-men series but it does not star any of our favourite mutant heroes, maybe that's why they are promoting it accordingly.

The story revolves around a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary and is tricked into mutation. Although he becomes a superhero but is unable to return to his normal life due to his hideous skin condition. He is now looking for revenge and he is getting it in the funniest ways.

Ryan Reynolds plays the role of dead pool and has done an exceptional job. He has always been one of my favourite stars and I loved him in the movie. The dialogue delivery has been very good and not to mention the humour and action. Superb!
Ed Skrein played the role of Ajax who is the super villain in the movie. He is the  mutant with enhanced strength and an inability to feel pain. Many people will not agree but to me he was not an apt villain. He could have done a better job. Other side characters like Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapičić also did a good job. However, Ryan completely stole the show.

In my opinion, if you like super-hero movies, this one is a must go. And even if you dont but like good action and humour, this one should not be missed.

My rating: 4/5

Enjoy the movie.

Love and Cheers

9 Fun Ways To Celebrate V-Day

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Valentine's Day - the international love day. Although the western side of the world has been celebrating it for decades, it is now also gaining popularity in India. I still remember the days from my college when it was so frowned upon that the mere mention of it will cause chaos in your life but now everyone wishes it and celebrates it.

People usually plan and discuss what to do on V-Day and a lot of us are usually lost at the thought. Being romantic is so much more than candle light dinners that everyone suggest, It should be known that romance can be born right out of a single touch or spending time together. Below are some fun things that can be done on this special day - especially when it on a weekend.

  1. Take a long drive: Just the two of you. Being with nature, free from all worries and in company of your loved one can do so much more to your relation than anything else. Long drives to serene places can lift up your spirits and strengthen your relations
  2. Dance away: Dancing on your favourite tunes - not necessarily in a disco or a bar - can make your day. Put on your favourite songs on TV or music player and dance away with your beloved. The laughter and free spirit will make your day
  3. Shop your heart: Shopping is the easiest (but not the cheapest) way to make you happy. Instead of buying some gifts in advance, go on a shopping spree together and buy what your partner's heart desire. Nothing good than making your partner happy
  4. Perform on karaoke: Sing your heart in public and make your partner's day. Many people dedicate songs but the smile that 'you singing' will bring on your partner's face will be incredible - this of course when you are not a terrible and nerve damaging kind of singer
  5. Watch movies or favourite shows: Get cosy on your sofa and put on your favourite movie or show - preferably that brings back some very special memories
  6. Go Exotic - Cook at home: Cook your favourite meals at home 'together'. Unless you or your partner are a cranky cook, cooking meals together can be real fun. Do something exotic which you have never done before and bring back the charm of good food and laughter
  7. Do something naughty: Remember the naughtiest thing you have done together and take it a step ahead. Things like paint together and each other, eat together and off each other and etc. Think about them - can be fun
  8. Romantic getaway: Plan a romantic getaway to a place of your dreams. Nothing better than taking a small trip away from all problems and daily drama. If this is not perfect - nothing can be
  9. Be adventurous: Do something adventurous, go on hot balloon ride, scuba diving, horse-back riding, rock climbing etc. Whatever suits you and brings you together
Above were the few suggestions from my end. If you any more, please do share.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Love and Cheers.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Painful Traditions - Life of a Married Woman...

Indian Bloggers
Stubborn, weird, disrespectful - these are the words that she heard when she met some of his distant relatives. In the second year of her marriage, my friend was dragged to her husband's mamaji's (maternal uncle) home because his cousin was getting married. Nobody cared that it was the first week of her new job and in no way she could get a leave. "You have to be there and help out with the wedding. What will everyone say?" her mother-in-law spoke on phone when she raised concerns. Her husband, who understood and pitied her condition, was helpless and torn between the two. She didn't want her husband to choose so she begged for a week of work from home and thanks to her humble boss she got it.

As all working people know, the initial weeks of new job call for a lot of training and she was asked to take them online - so yes, she was not able to dedicatedly work on her house chores (the chores she has never done in her life and thanks to house-help she never needed to). After a long travel they arrived on Sunday and for five days she literally killed herself between house chores and her job. Despite all these efforts she was constantly judged and looked down upon. Her husband supported her and for his sake she kept quiet. Yes she did, until Friday night.

The house where she was staying was old and had broken stairs. Friday evening she heard a ruckus downstairs, worried what was happening she ran downstairs but fell down on her way. During the fall she twisted her ankle, her wrist sprained and back badly bruised. Her fall stopped the heated argument - reason for which she never found - but it caused a major issue for her. See that night was the D.J. function (aka sangeet) in the house and Saturday was the wedding. And people (her so called in-laws) were not worried for her health but were cursing her. Instead of asking 'how was she', they criticized 'how her "career" was so important that she brought a bad omen to the event'. The pain helped her ignore everything.

That night, despite so much pain and inability to walk, she was forced to attend the function. She had started to lose it and the situation was not something she had bargained for when she married her husband. Angry, frustrated she went to the function in her usual clothes. She didn't bother to put on a saree (which was too much of a task in her condition), bangles (which was not possible with sprained wrist), payal (didn't seem important for she was limping), toe-rings (couldn't wear on swollen feet) or bindi or sindoor (she couldn't care less about them with everything else). The moment she entered the hall, all eyes fell on her and it turned silent. 
"Oh my God, look at her, can you say she is only one year into marriage" someone hissed. For whole hour she heard passing comments like "how rude, she doesn't have any credit for our traditions" "one should not love her job so much that you forget the honour of your family" and worst of all "is she widowed?" The last comment flipped the switch. Angry, cursing under her breath, she started to leave but aunt of his husband's cousin - a very distant relative - stopped her. 
"I will say it Samiksha, working all day and not helping was still fine but this is a little too much" she almost yelled. Who the hell is she to talk to me like this, she thought but kept quiet.
"We get it, you are young, beautiful and with a job but don't you think it is a little uncalled for to come to a wedding like this? You want to attract other men or what?" she continued and this was it. Everyone stood silent and she looked for her husband. Apparently this so-called-aunt waited for him to step out. As he came in she called for him and held his arm as she responded - "Yes I am young, very beautiful and successful, but I don't need some stupid traditions to prove myself married. This is my husband and I don't to dress up like a show-doll to prove my dedication for him. I love him to my core - that's why I have been tolerating non-sense for whole week. Now, if you please, I am leaving. You can keep your rotten traditions to yourself but always remember, you also have a daughter and God forbid if she has an accident, I would love to see how you force her into things that you are to me" At this some people clapped and some frowned but she couldn't care less. Her only worry was - maybe she ruined the wedding" Moments later she left and never found what happened after it. Next day she attended the wedding - doing best she could. She knew she ruined some relations that day but the ones that were important and mattered held on - no matter what.

The above story is based on true experience of my friend and I have shared it with her consent.

The experience of my friend clearly states how women of India are judged by a jury who is totally biased and is not supporting her dreams. It is not just such experiences that showcase the true condition of women in India but there are stats that prove the same story.

Take a look at some of the startling figures that the Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable survey conducted by Nielsen India reveals:
a. 69% of men agree that their judgement of women is based on their looks.
b. 64% of women agree that the judgements passed on them have affected their ability to reach their true potential.
c. 70%of women agree that majority of judgements on women are from family members or friends rather than strangers.
d. 72% of women agree that working women face more judgements on their looks or their clothes than housewives.

This post is written to support #IAmCapable campaign by Nihar India.
"I’m breaking stereotypes based on appearance by sharing my experience for the #IAmCapable activity at BlogAdda in association with Nihar Naturals"

Love and Cheers

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Some Super-Cool Beer Facts


I came across an article and couldn't help myself but share it's summary with everyone.
I personally hate beer [no offence to all drinking buddies] but it has really cool stories linked to it. The article I read had eleven unbelievable and interesting things linked to beer but here I am listing the ones that really intrigued me.

  • German engineer Carl Von Linde invented refrigerator because he wanted to keep his beer cool. You see, earlier people used ice blocks to keep it cool but it ruined the taste. So this clever engineer gave the world super cool refrigerator
  • When people made beer at home, it tasted different every time it was made. So this brewer, William Seally Gosset, who wanted his beer to taste same every time he made it, developed T-Test for measuring change in beer taste. Wasn't it super wise?

  • Carlsbery brewers wanted to monitor the fermentation of their beer and do so they invented Ph-Scale. Ph-scale specifies the acidity and alkalinity of a liquid and it is a very useful measure in modern science

  • Believe it or not but an English physicist James Joule who was also a brewer invented Mercury Thermometer so that he can work in perfect temperature and conditions. Brilliant wasn't he? I am sure there is no such house that does not keeps his creation

  • Egyptians liked their beer so much that they used it as a currency and a social symbol. Can you believe it?

Some other real cool facts are - gases like Oxygen, Carbon Di Oxide etc. were discovered while making beer. Long neck bottles were invented to serve beer.  Pasteurisation and the Germ Theory owes its discovery to beer. Agriculture Revolution happened because of beer. And last but not the least so many countries were discovered - all thanks to beer.

After reading so much about beer, the first that came to my mind was - "Daru ke liye sala kuch bhi karega" [translation: a man would do anything for his booze]. Don't you feel the same?

Anyway, I am not sure if this is true or not but if it is, we owe a SUPER BIG THANKS to beer.

The original article is posted here.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and are impressed just like I am :)

Love and Cheers

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TWD: Can't wait to watch it

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The Walking Dead returns with second half of season 6 this Sunday and I can't wait to watch it. 

For those who watch it, you can understand the sentiment. The cliffhanger on which they left the first half of Season 6 was wow! I can't wait to see how they get out it this time. Although I am a little disappointed with how they ended with 'W' but new villain is intriguing. I hope they do pull "W" story a bit more. Don't want to put more spoilers here, so I will shut it :)

For those who have not watched it yet, OMG you are missing something awesome. Well, if you are scared of zombies and have a weak heart then yes you should skip it but otherwise it is a must watch show. Okay, you can claim that it is gross at some places but hey it has zombies, it is bound to be gross. But trust me once you have watched 2-3 episodes you will learn to avert your eyes at the right moments. Well, if you did watch first 2-3 episodes of the show, you won't be able to stop - Yes it is that good. What I really admire about it is the details with which they have perfected the zombies. Do you know they actually have a school where they teach actors to walk and growl like zombies? It's amazing.

As it is already clear from the title, the show is set in the post zombie apocalyptic world and it is about survival. It primarily revolves around a group of people and what's best is the way the characters are portrayed. Although they all belong to very different backgrounds, they care for each other, protect each other and even are willing to die for each other. Each season brings new challenge and each season takes it to the next level. It is safe to say - "wherever they go, all hell break loose".

The lead of the show is Andrew Lincoln and he does a good job. However at some places he loses it and really gets on your nerves but you can't blame him for that. It is the storyline and he definitely does a good job there. The other leads and my favorites are - Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Norman Reedus (Daryl), they are the life of the show. 

I once read in one of the reviews before "only walking dead can revolve an episode around only 2 characters and pull it off" and it is very true. Because it is based on survival, the writers and creators have went to great lengths to make it real. They have done a fabulous job, you can actually feel the pain and struggle and fear.

Overall, like I said before, it is a wonderful show and a must watch. I would highly recommend it. My only word of caution would be don't watch it all in one go, you will start getting nightmares for it can get real heavy on mind. 
Also, don't eat while you watch it, zombies, blood and food don't go - they didn't mix well with me at least.

I hope you like it  and enjoy it the way I do.

Cheers and Love.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Quick Titbits - Granny's Prescriptions #5

#QuickTitbits  #Tried&Tested

Indian Bloggers

Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe ~ Cockroach Free Healthy Home

Tired of cockroaches in your home?
No pest control working?
Want to try something non-toxic?
Try spraying soap water in corners and cockroaches you see
Not just they would die instantly but also will vanish eventually

Till Then
Take Care

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Mayor of 'Crazy'


The incidence took place couple of years ago when we went to “play with the cubs”
Yes, you read it right, ‘cubs’. It is a unique experience which is provided in ‘Lion and Rhino Park’ in Johannesburg. The park is beautifully made and wild animals roam around in a safe and contained environment. You won’t believe if I told you that a Lion actually shitted right behind our car. Yes, I was very scared when it passed us but no harm done J

Anyway, we went into the “kid’s zone” where they keep all the cubs. They allow the cubs to play with people till they are six months old, after that age they are taken out and taken to ‘no-human’ contact zone. The cubs available to play were white lion, African lion, Bengal cheetah, tigers etc. The Bengal Tiger was the most naughty one so I decided to play with him – “you are not to get naughty with him like you get with me” my husband teased and I laughed so hard that even cubs were startled.

The instructor scolded me for my behaviour as I entered the cage. “You don’t want them to startle, they will eat you” he warned me but it only made me laugh harder. Usually when I so relaxed, happy and in company with my husband, I lose it.

“Is she crazy?” instructor asked my husband, “oh you have no idea. She is the mayor of ‘crazy’” he laughed after me.
As we stepped in I felt a rush of adrenaline pump through my veins. The cage had two white lion cubs and one Bengal tiger and they were immensely cute. We played with them for ten minutes in which we patted them, shook they claws, stroked them and held them in our arms. The naughty one i.e. Bengal tiger didn't even let us tough him, he only growled when I raised my hand to him. Scared of losing my limb I ignored him. As we spent our time with white lion cubs, suddenly Bengal tiger got jealous – or what instructor said – and leapt on my leg.

“Mummy-mummy-mummy” I yelled, laughed and fell down on all my fours and the elegant cat rested on my leg. My husband, though scared of my well-being, started laughing and teasing me for my candid behaviour. The instructor helped me by pulling away the cub but as I stood up the cub grabbed my jeans with his paw. As I standing with help of my husband the jeans tore on my thigh and my decent jeans converted into a latest fashion style.

Laughing and yelling I stepped out of the cage – and while the instructor was worried about the tetanus injection that I have to take, I was smiling on the beautiful memory that we just made.

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 Love and Cheers,

Fell in love with him - Again...


Falling in love is easy, but to keep on falling in love is most difficult.

Life is one big melodrama, isn't it? The more in-depth you think about it the more drama you find in it.

Talking about my life, I met my husband 8 years ago and fell in love with him instantly. I could never believe how someone can be so kind, polite, loving, caring and responsible. He was the perfect man and I didn't miss a moment in making him mine. So, we got married and everything was just perfect - well everything except one thing. Although, we lived alone but we were never alone. We always had a shadow of family. We moved to South Africa and even then the shadow followed. I started hating everything that we had - that was just work and no holidays. We never went anywhere because we had to save money (for family) and we didn't take break because we had to save up holidays to go to our 'family'.

I started to feel I was losing my smile, my happiness and even my marriage. I saw everything falling apart when one fine day he asked me join him for a long drive. I love long drives but to my utter surprise he took me on a very long drive – 1300 kms to be precise. It was our anniversary week and he planned a whole week out. We both were in same department and somehow he managed to get us both a week's holiday. In whole week he planned a trip of 5 cities, and it was simply blissful. I couldn't believe that he planned everything from hotels to candle-lit dinners and my job was to cherish each moment. 

As we drove six hours straight I asked him, "why?" It's not that I was not happy, but it's just that I had never seen this side of him. He was so swamped in work and responsibilities that I had lost touch with the man I fell in love with and that day I saw a glimpse of him. While I swore to dig him out of our unwanted condition, he held my hand and replied, "You always joke about our honeymoon"

"Yeah" I laughed, "It was a not a honeymoon" the thought made me giggle


"Dumbo, like I have said a hundred times, it's not a honeymoon if you have all your family and security guards with you" and he laughed with me.

"Well, here you one for you my love. Happy 3rd anniversary" and gently kissing my hand he pressed hard on accelerator for neither of us could wait to arrive our destination.

Next morning I woke up with a sweet memory of last night and romantic dinner. It was incredible.

"I don't remember when last you woke up with a smile on your face" my husband smiled as he caressed my hair. Yes, I too didn't remember when I smiled like this before but in that moment, in my smile, in his smile, I knew - 'I have fallen in love with him, again'

And just like that, we rekindled our love and laughed together into the beautiful morning

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

Love and Cheers