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The Slut Chronicles: Betrayed

“What is love, if not a passionate heartbreak?”
Nothing makes Ishana lose her facade except for the word ‘slut’. When someone slut shames her, she smashes his head and becomes headlines again.
She is at the apex of her career but people are not ready to accept her boldness. Her strengths force them to dwell on their own weaknesses. However what no one knows is that her road to success is full of treachery and emotional hell.
Join Ishana as she narrates her story to an oblivious journalist. It is a roller coaster ride full of love, passion, emotions, betrayal and ‘slut shame’.

Are you ready to endure the truth of her life?

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Treacherous Desires

They say everything has an expiration date. Kaya didn't know her marriage had one too. Suffering silently in her marriage she finds herself attracted to a stranger. Things get worse as he, too, feels the same way. His smile wreaks havoc and touch causes chaos. Kaya doesn't know what to do, as her 'treacherous desires' take hold. However, there is an invisible barrier of 'marriage' that Kaya cannot break.

Torn between her failing marriage and the man who is irresistible, Kaya now has the hardest choice to make. Whom will she choose? Will she be able to reignite the spark in her marriage or will she initiate a completely new relationship? Find out more in this roller-coaster ride of love, seduction, desires, passion and epic romance - which neither lets you ignore nor lets you endure.

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Live-in with a Ghost

Jia and Jai have a unique love story where she is human and he is a ghost. They meet during an out-of-body experience after an accident. Although from different worlds, she is simple middle-class journalist and he is a rich playboy, they fall in love instantly. During the adventure of their relation they both go through various exciting events which include tears, laughter, love and even fighting-off goons. Throughout their relation, the only thing Jia fears is what if he wakes up and forgets her. And in the end of the story he does wake up but if he remembers her is yet to be known...

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What Women Want

Deep down every man knows what his woman wants. They just forget overtime or get confused.
‘What Women Want’ is one of a kind book that serves as a reminder to everything a man already knows. Also, it answers everything that a woman desire. 
In this book, the author has explained what a man should do in ten every day crucial scenarios. Read on to know ‘What Women Want’. 
I.The quiet around: Hurt or angry –learn to differentiate and act accordingly
II.She is depressed, and ‘Nothing’ happened 
III.The ‘In-laws’ fight –whom should you choose and when
IV.When the flame of romance is dying, and you feel the charm and warmth in your relationship is fading 
V.When the relationship is dampening from her end
VI.When she is hinting again and again that you have changed…
VII.Did you forget an important date?
VIII.Let her gain, during her pain – menstrual pains, pregnancy, or any other issue
IX.Baby and All ‘Blues’ – Pre-baby, Expecting, Post baby
X.Ooh that ‘Bed-time’ is to be ‘Bad’ Time – Sex 

This book will help you tackle these situations and understand what is going in your woman’s mind using real-life examples. Whether it is about her being angry or frustrated, after reading this book, you will be able to understand her better and help her in becoming a jolly and happy person again!!! 

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Manage your Manager

A book to fight office politics head on. And learn all the do's and dont's @ work.

Do you feel neglected or ignored by your manager? 
Do you feel your bosses do not give you due credit for all your hard work? 
Or you have a feeling that your manager is biased towards others?
Have you ever thought, ‘Only if I knew what to do…’?
If your answer to all these is yes, then my friend, your choice to pick up this book is right.

Be it your manager, or your manager’s manager . . . your colleague or your manager’s colleagues – you can now deal with almost anyone in any situation, that too, smartly.
Manage Your Manager lays down all rules, dos and don’ts that will be your key to all woes at the workplace. The 101 instances shared herein will help you hit the nail on the head.

Get set to live your corporate life your way! 

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