Friday, 27 May 2016

Laundry Goes Odd Even - A Wonderful Initiative

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Ariel has taken  a big initiative of making laundry not just 'women's chore'. Unlike the super flop
Delhi's odd even rule, Ariel's "Laundry goes Odd-Even" is a wonderful initiative.

In most households people believe washing clothes is a women's task and so is being promoted by many other players like Surf Excel, Tide etc. Even in an advert of Surf Excel they say - 'we cannot wash clothes better than your mom', as if a mom's hands will add magic touch which will magically disappear all stains. The perception is wrong and the concept is wrong. And Ariel is trying to change it and hats off to this initiative.

My family is very different, I believe it is one of the very few families in India where my father supports my mother by doing laundry and my husband supports me. It's not like they wash it with their hands but doing so using washing machine is also a huge help. Every woman (working or homemaker) will agree. However, I have seen so many other families of my friends and relatives where still the husband sits on the couch watching TV /reading something /or just pretending to do so while the wife works her ass off. We should stop that and all husbands should understand that if they will act like this, similar will be the situation of their daughters.

Laundry is just one part of daily chores and all men should understand that in today's world where women go out and work equivalently with men, men should also help equivalently at home.

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda. 
And in this initiative I received a complimentary 1KG pack of Ariel Matic which both my husband and I used alternatively. Given its just us in our home we don't get many soiled clothes to wash every day to follow odd - even by dates, but we have decided to go odd - even on turns to wash in a loving peaceful way. I wish every couple decides to do this and not just by dates or days but through turns. Because, I wonder (not accusing anyone) if, for example, all odd days are assigned to men, will any clothes be ever washed on those day ;)

This initiative is a big step in right direction and we all hope it brings a positive change in Indian culture.

I hope this post/video/initiative brings some change in your household too.

Love and Cheers

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  1. Wonderfully written and addresses a key issue of Indian household.


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