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Treacherous Desires...


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My dear friends... My latest book 'Treacherous Desires' has been launched recently. And I would like to introduce you all to the same...

Treacherous Desires, although it falls under romance genre, but it is not just an everyday love story, instead it is a dilemma. Dilemma that Kaya faces each day of her life.

Kaya is a modern age girl with everything perfect - job, husband and life – well on the outside. She loves her husband very much however deep down she knows her marriage is failing and she tries everything to save it but… Daksh, her husband as well loves her very much but still… unable to contain their marriage and love they hold, Kaya finds herself helpless and extremely frustrated.

Things really go haywire when she meets a stranger -Shaun, who is not only attractive but also everything Kaya is missing in her life. Things turn worse when he too falls hard for her. 

His smile wreaks havoc and touch causes chaos. Kaya doesn’t know what to do, she tries really hard not to fall for him but she has a void that now only he can fill.

Torn between her failing marriage and the man who is irresistible, Kaya now has the hardest choice to make. Of course she wants her marriage more than anything else but we usually don’t get what we want. 

Whom will she choose? Will she be able to reignite the spark in her marriage or will she initiate a completely new relationship?

Find out more in this roller coaster ride of love, seduction, desires, passion and epic romance – which neither lets you ignore nor lets you endure.

Yes, treacherous desires is a dilemma, dilemma of a girl who doesn’t know what to do. But it is also a romance that will make your toes curl and wish for something similar.

People always ask me, why did I name my book ‘treacherous desires’? Is it erotica?
Well it is not an erotic novel but yes it definitely is 12+, (given my kids mature too soon these days). It is an endearing romance which definitely will take you on a fantasy trip that will make you long for same now and ever.
I named it treacherous desire because no girl wants to have feelings for other man, but they creep in, they are in all manners treacherous whom she is unable to avoid.

Please also ask me what inspired me to write this? Is it my personal life?
And I answer a big NO. No, unlike Kaya I am very happy both inside and outside in my marriage. The inspiration came from a friend who was suffering just like Kaya. When she confided in me I offered her to write a story where a neglected wife falls for a man. I painted a rather vivid picture and where her husband was not able to understand her spoken/unspoken words, he took in the written version and it worked.
Seeing things working between them I thought why not write a full blown novel on the topic and share it with the world. Maybe others can benefit it too. Hence, with her due permission and dialing down a lot of personal stuff I wrote this whole story.

So my friends, everybody who has a partner who is inattentive and a lot in their phone/laptop should read this. If your partner is so, you can gift this by saying – ‘treacherous desires’ can happen. 

I hope you liked the blurb of my book and find it exciting. Please do grab a copy, I can assure you, you wont regret it and once you reach chapter 4, believe me, you wont be able to put it. 

Buy links:
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2mTrKL7
storymirror portal: http://bit.ly/TreacherousDesires
Shopclues: http://bit.ly/TD_ShopClues (Free Delivery)
Snapdeal: http://bit.ly/TD_Snapdeal

Lots of Love and Thanks in Advance for your kind support.



  1. Interesting conversation with the author and a nice, short review... :-)


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