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Chronux - Past, Present and Future


Title:  Chronux
Author: Sagar Kamath
Pages: 462
Price: Rs. 475
My Rating: 3.5/5

During our more ‘Philosophical’ moments…we have all wondered about ‘Time’…its true nature…and its impact on us! But what if?...‘Time’…had similar concerns…about us? For the people of Aruhu, a tiny Himalayan village, deep in India’s ancient past, what begins as a visitation by a mysterious entity, quickly morphs into an inescapable trap…one that has left its imprint on all of human history…and the future! This is a trap that has seduced hundreds through its lure of absolute power, including the Nazis…who mount an epic expedition to unearth the source of God’s power on Earth…only to discover that the cost of absolute power…is also absolute! This is the story ‘Time’ wants to tell us…this is the story of Chronux!

Time is the most valuable commodity today, if you have time you can conquer anything. And book Chronux has showcased the same. The importance of time...

The book starts with the beautiful mysterious place called 'Aruhu', and how its life changes with the appearance of a strange visitor. People there learn all sorts of things from him and when they are getting used to him, he just vanishes into the thin air. However what he leaves behind are not some simple relics but the most precious items that may turn the tides of time.

The story jumps from one place to another. Author has divided book into multiple episodes and all link wonderfully. The narrator has done a good job while binding them together. Each episode is written in favor of one major incident from history like bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki, Hitler, Nazis etc. The way certain events have been described, you tend to feel 'did it really happen this way?'

The linkage of 'past, present and future' is also very impressive. And while reading you can feel the level of research author must have done to make this book a reality. It is commendable.

What I didn't like about the book are two things - firstly its cover. It simply puts the book under 'ordinary' category and doesn't do justice to what pages hold. Maybe for next edition author can choose a better cover. Secondly, the story although is impressive but loses essence from time and again.

Overall, it is a pretty nice read and my rating is 3.5/5

You can grab your copy here.

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  1. I am so intrigued by its name? Loved the review. New follower on your block.

    Shalet Jimmy


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