Sunday, 24 December 2017

New Year's Resolutions

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It's time to make some resolutions... Add these 5 for a better 2018.
  1. Instead of wishing ‘Good morning’ to the entire world on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Start your day by wishing ‘Good morning’ to the person next to you with a heartfelt smile
  2. Instead of picking up phone or laptop all the time to pass your time, look up to your family members and talk. Talking to them will bring you closer, WhatsApp, Facebook won’t!
  3. Hug your partner instead of your phone or laptop at night. Hugging phone/laptop will not blossom anything, hugging your partner will blossom your relationship
  4. While spending time with your kids, keep your phone and laptop aside. They will remember the attention you give them, your phone or laptop wont
  5. Spending time with family bring true happiness and solve problems. ‘Likes’, ‘Compliments’ etc. from social media don’t.

Take a Pledge today to make 2018 more loving and caring…

All the Best! 

Happy New Year.

Lots of Love

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