Sunday, 6 May 2018

Book: Age of Azmoq - Epic Fantasy Tale


Title:  Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium
Author: Rajamayyoor Sharma
Publisher: Self
Pages: 500
Price: Rs. 500 
My Rating: 4/5

Azmoq is the rarest and most coveted metal on the planet. It's the ultimate source and symbol of real power, and the Valantian Imperium controls it all. Or so they thought... For the first time in generations, the Valantian Imperium, masters of the Valantian continent glimpse the first tremors of fear. There are rumors abound. Rumors of legends. Legends of both ancient Azmoqian weapons and men of godly powers, long thought to be myths. As these rumors grow, a small group of people, from various walks of life, some commoners, some within the mighty Valantian Imperium itself, by pure coincidence, have set in motion a chain of events. The legends, if true, along with these set of events, might reignite the flames of a revolution. A revolution the Imperium had long suppressed. A revolution that might alter the balance of power in the continent, and eventually the entire world...

When we think about fantasy, the first thing that comes to mind is vampires/werewolves. There are very few people who can think beyond this, and the author is one of them.

Age of Azmoq is one of a kind book. It revolves around a world that is completely different to what we live in. It also has very different geography and botany. I found this pretty interesting.

The story revolves around the journey of three companions and how they cope with various situations, and struggle to reach their ultimate goals.

The characterization in the book is good and we can definitely link to various protagonists - yes, to make it even more exciting, there is more than one. Sometimes it did get confusing, but while reading you adjust with the flow.

Overall it is a good read and it is one of a kind that will take you away from the real world.

What I didn't like about the book was - multiple times there is a timeline shift and it got very confusing. Also, the book needs a bit of proofreading and fonts should be enhanced. It is very difficult to read with such small fonts. And lastly, the pace of the book, especially in the beginning, should be improved.

However, all above cons are nothing when compared to the beautiful and epic story author has woven.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

My rating - 4/5

You should give it a try too.

Lots of love

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