Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Book Review - Kids Books #4


"A nice collection of baby objects'.

How I used this book? In a very interesting way. I showed by 2 year old an image and asked him to find it in the house. He was so happy running around and locating his objects. And when he found them, he laughed as if he found a treasure.

This book a nice collection of everything that baby's own these days. Starting from small rattles to high-chairs, it has all.  And what's best, each word is supported by a nice colorful image of the item. 

My kid loves this book."
"Things at home is a basic collection of various things we have at home.
I started with this book, and my son was able to later recognize various things at home too.
I was happy with this development.
A must have for brilliant kids to pick up things even faster"
"Interesting collection.

This one book has collection of a variety of foods. Of course, no one can compile all types of foods ever, but this one has good collection.

This book is divided in 3 parts: Fruits, Vegetables, and Food.
Food consists of a variety like veg items, non-veg items, and even sweet dishes.

We recently started with Fruits and my kid loves to learn and identify them now.

It is fun to read and learn from such amazing collection. The padded part of the book is best as it avoids tearing.

Loved it"

Hope you enjoy reading it.

Lots of Love

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