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Meet Shagun - Author who writes from the Heart


  • Hello, please tell us something about yourself.

An intuitive Reiki practioner with a scientific background, I believe there’s something good in every individual or situation. A mom, homemaker, friend and writer with heart in the mind spot, I believe in the power of thoughts. To keep my soul ignited I write on my blog Twisted Fabric at the
On a personal note, as a child, I often fantasised about the fairy tales and wanted to write my own. As a grown up woman, it’s been another story altogether. I’ve often felt the restraints of time cut sharply on my day-dreaming thoughts. A mom of two super active and curious young boys, I do not adhere to the mantra of study-study-and-only-study. So for us, its hands-on practical fun too mixed with studies. And in all that fun, my food very often gets burnt …. looking beyond constipated! So while the food gets sorted and the homework gets done, I feel a soft nudge from a grey cell in my mind, to find a quiet corner for my laptop and me. I try to focus as I sit and write away whatever that interests me. I so hope that it would touch the readers’ soul and ignite a spark as they just might read along with me.

  • Please tell us something about your book ‘Altitudinis’.

It’s a journey of many realisations, some good, others that need to be worked upon.

Quoting the blurb here – 
Two scientists race against time formulating a serum to enhance the acclimatization of high altitude troops, a lifesaving breakthrough for soldiers posted at the merciless Siachen glacier. MI agent Nirali investigates an unidentified corpse and is asked to follow up on number 309 that invokes bittersweet memories in her. She returns to the town of her lost love, Nikhil, an adventure camp owner and a much married man. As Nirali gets sucked into a kidnapping drama involving his family, the sudden appearance of a suave NRI stranger in their midst throws everything into a tizzy.  When one of the scientists is found dead in his laboratory, the ex-lovers must overcome their personal monsters and unite to safeguard the research. They must secure the USB in which the formulation of the serum has been saved before it falls into the hands of the suave stranger… or perhaps someone known.
From the snow-clad peaks of Hanuman Tibba to the sleepy cantonment town of MHOW, Altitudinis is a gripping tale of intrigue and romance that intertwines the lives of ordinary people who play extraordinary roles.

  • What do you do when you are not writing?
When I am not writing, which is quite often, I make funny jokes with my elderly mother-in-law to bring a smile to her sweet yet time tested face; I click pictures of the vast sea beach around me and the changing colours of the skies above; and most dauntingly, I ensure my two super active ten-year-olds are well-fed, both in body and in mind.

  • Your book ‘Altitudinis’ is a multi-authored book, what is your contribution in it?
I have been fortunate enough to have worked on this project titled Altitudiis – Seekers, Sinners & Secrets almost from the day of its inception. Through the rigorous process of book writing, I’ve created a few characters, breathed life into them and then see them succumb to either death or some human vice. Also, I’ve helped in editing the content to suit the storyline. In all this process, my learning has been to dream high yet stay grounded because nothing is certain in life and yet nothing is unattainable.

  • What is the core message of your book? Why should readers pick it up?
The uniqueness of this book is its collaborative inception. Then you have the foreign locales of America yet the exotic Bali and the Chinese provinces make their presence felt even when the main characters are fighting off an attempt to sabotage research in India. Of course there’s romance and there’s research but there’s also death and destruction with a spiritual connect somewhere within the pages. So every reader will take away something from this book.

  • What makes your writing style different from other co-authors of the book?

Every co-author has his/her own individual style, words, nuances that we as a team can pick up on and these are beautiful. All I can say about myself is that I write from the heart and the words flow.

  • How is co-authoring a book different from writing a book as a solo author? 

Very different. As a single author, you can take liberty with your thoughts and words. As a co-author though, everyone is responsible for the output. In our case, we actually say that the book is a baby incepted by one but delivered by 10. So if there’s something not perfect, or different from the plotline, there’s a lot of positive criticism to turn it around into the plotline. Also because there are more than one authors, there is a huge scope for brainstorming, ideation and learning.

  • What are the pros and cons of co-authoring a book?
Pros are the learning that comes in the whole process of book writing. One gets to fine-tune own skills sets and also pick on the better techniques of others. Also, the co-authored book will always a scope to showcase a different perspective from the usual.
The cons are that one has to really slash their ego and allow the final vision to take shape.

  • Which aspect of writing is a challenge for you? Writing? Publishing? Or Marketing?
I completely enjoy writing as I write from the heart. The social media platform like FaceBook gave me ample opportunities to create a buzz about our book. Though I did try to learn about the publishing aspect, I’d say it still is a challenge I’d rather pass onto others!

  • What makes ‘Altitudinis’ different from other titles in the industry?
The honest, straight-from-the-heart narrative that intertwines the lives of ordinary men to live extraordinary lives is what makes Altitudinis stand out.

  • What is your favorite quote? The one you apply in your life.
My favourite quote is penned down in Altitudinis too as it perfectly sums life’s philosophy.. “Just as man’s ego searches for destruction, his soul will continue to search for salvation”

  • Any words for other authors/writers?
Just follow your dreams…. into a reality !

  • Define ‘Altitudinis’ in one line from your perspective.

Altitudinsi is a dream that inspires one to overcome all hardships to seek the truth yet stay grounded on its realisation.

So, do you, my reader friends, have any questions for Shagun?
Also, do grab your copy of this super-exciting book via below links.

Lots of Love

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