Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mahatma Gandhi


I have recently lived in South Africa and just like India it too struggled in getting independence. The common thing between 2 countries is that there was one man who made that happen. There it was Nelson Mandela and here we have M.K Gandhi. People of SA love and respect the person who brought them freedom. Oh my, you try say a word against Mandela and I seriously doubt you will live through the day but here in India, we n
ot just are accusing and abusing, we are doing it open in public. No respect hey...
I had a colleague in SA who loathed Mandela, for his own reasons, but every time he had to say something, he would look around him to confirm no one heard... well he was safe with me, I am an Indian, I don't care much about what he says but others did. 

Yesterday was 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanthi, the day which 'ideally' should be celebrated for the birthday of a man who brought us freedom, instead in India, everyone is excited just to have a holiday, yesterday specifically because it offered a long weekend. No one bothers about the man who brought us Independence.

I find it very weird that how exactly the youth of India behaves. When we were little we all (I hope at least) used to participate in various things on this occasion but today, nothing. Instead of remembering and honouring the great man even for a moment, we make advanced plans to booze and party. Yes, you might find me saying all this dramatic but am I really being dramatic? A saw a pole today on Facebook which said little more than 70% people don't care about the 'father of our Nation', well, its not good. As it was aptly said in movie 'PK', the value of this great man is only on currency note, well to be honest, it is the money that holds value, no one care whose face is stamped on it... Sigh!

There are many reasons why Indians hate Gandhi, yes he took some decisions which resulted in India and Pakistan. And its his decisions which many of us suffer till date, but we also need to understand, if it were not for that man, we might still be under the tyranny rule of Britishers and the freedom that we have today would never have existed

Well, hate this article all you want and make all the fun in the world. But I believe we should  be feel gratitude at least a bit for what we have today...


  1. Many think it is fashionable to criticize Gandhi.
    This post filled with gratitude towards Gandhi was such a good read. :)

  2. I completely agree Indrani
    Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your views :)


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