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Maze Runner - Scorch Trials Movie: My Reviews and Thoughts

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Being a die-hard fan of Teen Wolf, watching Dylan O'Brian in a movie is a treat. 

Maze Runner 1 was an amazing movie, some might say that Maze Runner 2 is
not as good and actually they are right but even when it is not as good as first part, it still is pretty fine watch. People who have read the book are unhappy with the plot, but given I have so far not yet read the series, I am pretty happy with it. 

The movie begins from the point where the group of kids including Thomas escape the maze and are rescued by a group of people in a mysterious helicopter. Well, as it was mentioned in the end of first part, the maze was just the beginning and it was very true. The maze was just the beginning, what lies ahead is far more crazy and dangerous. Don't want to spill the beans here but honestly from beginning to end one is at the edge of the seat. Despite watching shows like the walking dead I jumped at least thrice during the movie.

The cranks, people affected by the flare virus, are shown pretty scary. Well, at a point scary is a lighter word for how they attack and behave.

The story flow is pretty good and interesting. The logic and development at few places is praise-worthy.

Overall I liked the movie but there are a few things they could have done better. To start with, it is not a good 3D movie. I would rather watch it in 2D... the effects could have been better...
Also, out of main characters, some have not been introduced properly. All of them have some role to play but when they are spotlight you are a little confused, wondering which one was he?

Apart from these I liked the whole movie. It ended on a cliff-hanger and considering I don't have a patience, I will soon read the all 3 parts.

My rating for the movie will be 3.5/5

Hope you enjoy the movie too

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