Sunday, 1 November 2015

BNLF Indiblogger Meet - A Life Altering Session

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Yesterday I had the privilege of going to BNLF. Given I am very new to blogging world, I was
sceptical of going on a Saturday morning (you know it's a day to sleep in after 5 days of hardship) but now I am very happy that I didn't let laziness overcome me
By the time I came back home, I felt like I had the happiest and most useful day of my existence. And I have Indiblogger and all new friends I made there to thank.

The day was full of learnings, excitement and great speeches from successful people (like Bruce Dikinson, Christoph Trappe, Preeti Shenoy, Jeff Bullas etc.).

Below is the summary of what I have learnt in one day... And I do hope to apply these in my life going forward - 

  • To be successful blogger one should blog at least once a week - It gives consistency to the fans and also it allows you in Google SEO ~Thanks to almost all speakers yesterday for this tip
  • Blogging and writing is for my own passion and satisfaction. It is not to show someone (relatives and other people) what I can or cannot do. ~ Purba Ray
  • Don't be afraid to write what you want. Be original and write what you want to write, instead of what others want you to write. ~ Arnab Ray
  • A good blog post should be at least 500-600 words long. However blog post of 1200 words is shared most. ~ Christoph Trappe
  • A successful post follows 60 - 30 - 10 rule i.e. 60% Talking - 30% Responding/Resharing -10% Links ~ Christoph Trappe
  • "Authentic stories are lived and then told!" - Also, they need to be vulnerable, candid and have some kind of conflict ~ Christoph Trappe
  • Headlines are very important. Write multiple and choose best ~ Christoph Trappe
  • Our voice as bloggers make a difference. Write to create impact ~ Anshul Tiwari
  • Being miserable doesn't help. If you are persistent and passionate about what you want, you can achieve it. ~ Kanan Gill

  • "Done is better than Perfect" - Meaning one should start writing and improve instead of wanting to write a perfect piece and never write. You discover yourself through the journey ~ Jeff Bullas
  • "Run when you can, Walk if you have to, Crawl if you must; Just never give up - Dean Karnazes" - Very clear and apt. ~ Jeff Bullas
  • Writing is like exercising. If you want to build muscle you don't just work out for one day and have great expectations out of it. To have good writing muscle in your brain, one should write everyday (be it anything - blog post or a story or even an email to friend) ~ Preeti Shenoy

  • Four things to be successful ~ Preeti Shenoy
    • Do something you have never done before
    • Don't let rejections affect you
    • Develop your skill sets
    • Push your limits
  • Don't look for customers, they leave you. Instead look for fans, they always stay with you ~ Bruce Dickinson
  • 0 + 0 = 1... be a creative mosquito and make it happen ~ Bruce Dickinson

I hope this post helps people who were there with me and to people who couldn't attend

Unfortunately I missed today's session and if someone could share highlights, I would be greatful.

Till then
Take Care


  1. Thanks for sharing. I missed attending BNLF, but your post really gave me some wonderful tips to follow.

    1. hi Purba
      Thank you for reading. I am glad it was helpful :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I am taking all these points home.

    1. Hi Indrani
      Thank you for reading. I am glad it was helpful :)


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