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Book Review: Shadi on Toes

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Title: Shadi on Toes
Author: Payal Sareen Reddy & Ashoka Bala Reddy
Publisher: LiFi Publishing
Pages: 165
Price: Rs. 140
My Rating: 3.75/5

Her dream for Mr. Right leads her through a series of encounters ranging from a hilarious speed date at a train station to a frightening drive through the alleys of South Mumbai with a mysterious criminal. Meet Riya and her blind dates in Shadi on Toes.

Getting the daughters married at the right age (preferably right after college) is every parents' dream. They feel extremely stressed during this phase however no one understands or considers the stress and pain that a girl has to go through during this process. The book reflects on the journey that a girl goes through from the day search begins till she gets married.

The book revolves around Riya, Preeti and the narrator who meet in PG and become best friends. Eventually they rent an apartment and share the struggles in each other's lives. The incidences are mainly revolving around Riya and her search for Mr. Right. During the process she is seen from speed-dating at train station to temporary relation with a criminal. The whole process is interesting, enjoyable and at times hilarious and shocking.

The book is in narrative style and although it is not the usual way but it suits the requirement and keeps you interested and glued. The book also reflects on certain commercial aspects like fake profiles on matrimony and some social aspects like family pressure and stress on materialistic things.

It is an easy and pleasant read which is fun-filled, romantic and full of drama.

My rating for this book is 3.75/5

I enjoyed it, I hope you enjoy it too.

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