Monday, 25 July 2016

And the Magic Begins...

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Kids and their fun. They need something new every day and each parent thinks what to do to keep the child motivated and happy. 
Colgate came to aid of such parents when they launched kids packs which includes four sets of magical stories. The theme is called 'magical sea world' and it lets your kid learn something new every day. With more than 15 magical sea characters (some your kid might have never heard of before), it comes in four attractive and interesting themes, a Treasure Hunt, a Pirate Ship, Coral Reefs or the Sea Magic with a little mermaid. The other good things about these packs is they also contain some very interesting facts that enhance kid's knowledge. These interesting and mysterious themes allow kids to run wild with their imagination and create their own stories - all they need to do is cut the package and enter the magical world. (Well, they can't cut it as the pictures are very close together, hence only an adult can do the honors)

Magical Sea World Collection
My own kid is a little too tiny to play with such stuff hence I gave all the packs I received to my nephew, who is just as loved and important to me as my little baby. Yeah, the initial reaction was 'mausi, it is not a toy' but when we explained and opened up the pack it was a whole different talk. The moment his eyes fell on the pirate his imagination ran wild. I have never seen him so excited. The entire day he cooked up various stories and all we did was sit enchanted and listened to him. 

One of the stories he told - 'Once there was a man, he was a bone pirate. He ran wild across the sea... He once found a little mermaid who was in trouble. He took the mermaid on his ship and found her lost friend the turtle. The shark was about to eat the turtle so the bone pirate kills it with his spear and runs away to the safety where they meet crab man and their friend dolphin.' Yeah reading like this must not be a great fun, but when you hear a four year old cook up story like this, you could do nothing but stare at him with awe and admiration. My sister is not at all into writing, she is not into reading as well, but she could not be happier after seeing her adorable son cooking up such stories. For me, well I am very proud aunt, finally I will have someone in family who will have remote interest in storytelling. It was real fun and best part was the spark in his eyes and smile he gave when we clapped after the end of each story.

The Box of Colgate with the Magic inside
The above story was not just it, he also made many others and included his own toys in them. Once he merged his train set with the pirate ship and saved all onboard as the ship was on fire. He did realise later that trains don't have tracks on water but well, it is a two-fold thing right - education plus entertainment. 

All in all it was a great experience and he played with it so much that the cardboard has withered and torn now. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the characters while he was playing with them. :(

I would like to say a special thanks to #Colgate for bringing this joy in our lives. We will always cherish it.

You can know more about this initiative from Colgate at

I hope your kid enjoys it too.

Love and Cheers


  1. Nice initiative and for a four year old lovely story :)

  2. What a creative child.....I read about this colgate initiative somewhere else and really liked it....


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