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Book - Her Resurrection - Be ready to take an emotional rollercoater ride

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Title: Her Resurrection
Author: Soumyadeep Koley
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Pages: 260
Price: Rs. 199
My Rating: 3.5/5

So begins Maya’s story in the picturesque countryside of Maharashtra, where she grows up amidst cruelty and domestic violence, being an unwanted girl-child. Yet, like a lonesome beacon beset by sinister wilderness, she pursues her dreams of reaching the stars with her tiny wings. One night, a twist of fate triggers a series of incidents, when she loses everything she had—even her virginity.

Severely traumatized after her father’s death, her mother’s imprisonment, and her own gang-rape, Maya finds herself all alone in the streets of Mumbai, with wolves lurking around for raw flesh. She’s weary, but not wary. She has no sense of the fate that awaits her. What follows, would change her life forever, as also yours, as her heart wrenching, yet inspiring story echoes through time.

‘Her Resurrection’ bravely paints an appalling picture of the society. Heartbreaking, hopeful and immensely healing at the same time, this emotional rollercoaster through dreams, tragedy and triumph is a moving tribute to womankind. Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey with Maya?

It's a scary world out there and it is clearly evident in this book.
What made me pick up this book was the title - 'Her Resurrection' clearly indicates what to expect out of the book and the blurb defines it very well too. We all have heard the condition of women in India, but reading it in such detail is whole other story. Also the cover is different, you look at it and for a moment you feel, 'Whao, that's intense'

The story revolves around Maya who struggles her way in Mumbai. You  name the violence and she has endured it but unlike many others she finds her way out and resurrects in a new form. It is a very intriguing and soul-touching story. It gives you chills at various instances but you would not dare put the book down. And although the topic is common these days and situations are little too predictable, you tend to be mesmerised in the words and Maya's world. 

The author, being a guy, has done a wonderful job in putting himself in shoes of women while writing the story. I liked the command and the flow.

The characters are well drafted, however, I feel the lack of relationship definition between Maya and her mother. This could have been written a bit more to bring more taste.

Overall, it was beautiful read, it's just that it had a few drawbacks. To start with it was kind of predictable, but we can ignore that as the story has its own charm. There were some grammar and editing issues which are visible here and there, and lastly, some descriptions were too detailed. With so much details one tends to lose focus.

However, all in all, I liked the book and would recommend it to everyone who would like to read on women issues and something different from romance.

My rating: 3.5/5. You can grab your copy here..

Hope the review helps.

The review copy of this book was shared with me by Cyclops Literary Services

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  1. Something different from romance always piques my interest. Adding it to my list...nice review... :-)

    1. I am glad you liked the review.
      Do read and let me know :)



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