Sunday, 28 August 2016

Gurgaon's "Majnu Drive" - Something for women safety

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I came across a news last night and I was immensely happy and impressed, not because I like to go
out at night etc. but because it is high time that women should start feeling safe in their own country and police out there is doing something about it.

The condition of women is horrible and you don't need to pick up a newspaper to know it. All you need to do is to step out if you are a female or -if you are a male - ask a female in your family. There are hardly any places in India where one can feel safe and I speak from a lot of personal experiences.

What I am glad to see is that at least Gurgaon police did something different. I am not sure about any such drives in any other city so I can't comment there. 

Gurgaon police led a drive this weekend where they placed women police officer in plain clothes on streets of Gurgaon and addressed the rising issue of women abuse and eve-teasing.

The drive is called "Majnu drive" where over 50 men were arrested and put in special 'majnu cells' for making inappropriate comments, gestures or more at women. 50 men arrested on 1 street in 2 hours is too much and clearly states the current condition.

I also read that this drive was also conducted in December 2015 where more than 250 men were placed under arrest. Did that improve the condition of streets or mind-set of men who step out in order to do such offensive things - I don't think so. But if such drives are conducted regularly it would at least instill a fear, a doubt that maybe there is someone who can cause them some consequences.

I really wish and hope that such drives are more frequent and spread across India so that all over India women feel safe and they can step out whenever they want and not just when 'society allows them'

I hope you agree with me.

News article here.

Love and Cheers


  1. Sounds like they are finally doing something
    The key would be if they continue...

  2. I wonder what expressions the caught red-handed Majnus would have on their faces....!


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