Saturday, 8 October 2016

Stayed Dark for a Month


Ever since I started using internet (don't even know the time... maybe it was the 'Orkut age').
September was the first whole month ever where I stayed away from internet. Yes... I actually mean no facebook, no twitter, no blogging, even no watsapp or anything... Have you ever done that?

It was primarily due to extreme workload that I was facing and in the beginning I was like damn! I should find time to come online... but after sometime I actually felt great. After few days I felt no obligation to post anything anywhere... no compulsion to like any photos or comment any where. It was actually interesting.

When you are not online you actually feel more alive - more connected to your family & friends... I realized it last month. All the spare time I found, which although was hardly any, I spent with my dear husband. It was just me, my family and sadly my work...

Yes I am back online now but I believe it is now the time I would spend more with my them and relatively less online and maintain a balance.

Why I writing this post? Well... I wanted to share this new found happy revelation with everyone and also suggest to do the same thing. Try & Go Dark for sometime, you will definitely find something new in your life... it can be a new hobby, a new person or like me - a new found serenity in your existing relation.

Love & Cheers


  1. Yes, if used judiciously, internet can be very useful; else it can be compulsive and turn out to be a bane rather than a boon.

  2. Agreed Sir
    Thanks for commenting. Cheers


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