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Book: 31 Miles - Story that showcases conflicts of 'What We Want' and 'What We Should Do'


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Title: 31 Miles: Can We Ever Win Against Ourselves?
Author: Vinita Bakshi
Publisher: Rupa Publishers
Pages: 234
Price: Rs. 233
My Rating: 4.5/5

Mansa has the perfect family life—a husband, two daughters and a big house. But she feels that something is missing. Her frustration with being just a homemaker intensifies. After shifting to a major city, she decides to take the reins of her life in her own hands, she decides to step out and seek a career.While enjoying the new-found freedom and confidence, she completely immerses herself in her work and her new life. Till one fateful day when she finds herself embroiled in a passionate affair—with an online lover. And then everything falls apart!
31 Miles is the story of a woman who finds her own worth after marriage and works towards self-emancipation. Will she give it all up for the elusive mirage created by the stranger? What turn will her life take next?

Some books are meant to touch your heart and some books force you to relate to your life (past or present) and 31 miles is one of them.

Set around the life of Mansa, it is a simple yet interesting tale of a woman who decides to do something with her life and not just be a homemaker. As she takes first steps towards her career, she finds herself entangled in an online affair. It sounds stupid I know but many people commit this mistake of trusting someone blindly.
The story simply displays whom to trust and to whom not. In a way it is also a lesson for everyone (especially teenagers).

The characters are very well written and are bound together well.

The dialogues are also nicely written and some romantic themes come out beautifully. Read to know what I am talking about.

Overall it is a nice read and my rating to the book is 4.5/5

You can grab your copy here.

The review copy of this book was shared with me by Kalamos Literary Services

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