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Book: Parrot Under the Pine Tree - A Mental Trip to Kausani


Title:  Parrot Under the Pine Tree
Author: Surendra Pratap Singh
Publisher: Invincible Publisher
Pages: 252
Price: Rs. 240
My Rating: 3/5

Parrot under the Pine Tree is the powerful expression of love. In the girl's heart; it's subtle, sublime and eternal. But in the boy's heart; it's earthy, insecure and restless. The anxiety brings the two young hearts close. In the clean and tranquil environs of Kausani, Vedanta inadvertently meets Saranga under bizarre circumstances and both fall in love with each other. But Alas! Their happiness doesn't last long. On one fateful night of temptation, the storm that blows up not only consumes his heart and soul, but also shreds that of Saranga into pieces. On insistence of her grandma Saranga agrees to give a second chance to a repentant Vedanta. But misgivings remain in her heart. Will Kausani rework the magic again between the estranged couple?

Some people are meant to be together, but what they do later is totally up to them - this is the theme of the book.
The story revolves around Vedanta (aka Ved) and Saranga (aka Sara). Ved meets Sara in a small village known as Kausani and immediately falls in love. Things turn out well for them, they get married and are blessed with a beautiful boy, Dhruv. However, their marriage starts to fail and Ved -our so called loving hero- betrays Sara and cheat on her. The story takes a full U-turn from there and focuses on rebuilding their relationship. I wont reveal what happens have to read it yourself. Sshh!

One of the best thing about this book is narration. Author has so wonderfully and vividly portrayed the beauty of Kausani that you feel like you are actually there. 

Characters of Ved and Sare are built well but there are too many side-characters which don't really serve the purpose. They feel like a distraction.

What I didn't like about the book is adultery (yes, it was the core of the story, but it was a turnoff for me). Too many characters kind of irritated me. Also, at times there is so much narration that story starts lacking. I agree narration is well written but it is an overdose.

Overall it is a pretty good read and I would recommend it to every romance reader. 

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