Saturday, 6 May 2017

Getting Rid of 'LaunchPage.Org' Virus

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Last week I started noticing that my chrome was bouncing me to various search engines. It was very irritating.

I looked everywhere, I thought maybe I have installed these weird extensions accidentally but it was whole other problem. Apparently a virus called '' had crept in my laptop and was infecting my browsers. I have a very strong anti-virus in my laptop and believe me this is the first time any virus had broken its firewall. I was worried.

I looked up for solution but every time I was ending up with another risk.
Some wanted me to touch my operating system's files (which is very risky) and some wanted me to install some new softwares, which was another risk. So I did couple of things. Followed multiple steps, used some common sense and got rid of the stupid virus.

Below are the simple steps I followed.

It really helped me and I hope it helps you too.
And please do share your views on same.

Love and Cheers

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