Saturday 2 March 2019

Book - Aavya: Love that is alien to today's world


Title: Aavya
Author: Rishabh Puri
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services
Pages: 230
Price: Rs. 199 
My Rating: 4.5/5

What do you do when your one true love is snatched away from you? Do you find a new love? Or do you go on loving? Raj has known aavya since they were kids. It is only now, at the threshold of adulthood that he has woken up to her beauty and grace. He is a dreamer while she is a realist. Together, they make a perfect pair. Both are visionaries who want to change the world in their unique way. But life has other plans for Raj. Aavya is spirited away across oceans by enraged parents, while Raj recuperates in a hospital. A decade later, Raj has been chasing aavya’s ghost across continents. Will their love find a way back to each other? And can love last when there is no promise that the lovers will ever be United? Aavya is the story of love, perseverance and finding hope in the darkest of times. It unfolds in letters spanning decades; written by those who lived it. At its heart is a hopeless romantic who makes his own world when the world rejects him - Raj.

Aavya is one of a kind book... seriously.
The way it is written, it is not in chapter form or in chronological order. It is written in letters form and has 'seasons' to depict the time frame.
The story is different too... we don't see such love stories in today's world. Raj loves Aavya dearly and continues to love her and search for her despite being separate for decades. 
The book is so full of emotions that at times you feel in aww of love, and at times you feel someone should shake Raj awake and bring him back to real life.  Anyways, no matter what, there are emotions in the story that I didn't know one could feel.
The characters are few but well narrated and developed. Especially the complicated character of Aavya.
The cover is simply wow... as I gazed upon it, I felt I couldn't get enough in one glance.
Overall, it is a nice story, however, it is disappointing that no matter what happens, Raj doesn't get the girl he desired. Though, he got a better version of her. Won't give spoilers here, read to know about it.

Click below to grab the book on Amazon. If you like to read epic romance, then this book is for you.

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