Thursday, 17 October 2019

Meet Indira - Be the Change, You want to See!


  • Hello, please tell us something about yourself.
As a voracious reader and in the teaching profession for 45 years, I believe in combining the home and workplace to perfection! An avid traveller, I enjoy every moment of life ensuring that when I work I do the best and when I play I enjoy it to the hilt. 

  • Please tell us something about your book ‘Altitudinis’.

Altitudinis is like a dream, which began with eyes wide open! Is it possible is a question that arose occasionally but that never dulled the spirit or enthusiasm. Three years it took but finally it proved that it is worth the wait!

  • What do you do when you are not writing?
I am not a professional writer! I teach for a living—for my bread and butter, or my dal and roti or better put my sambhar and rice. I read, I travel, I socialise, I spend time with family and friends, I love movies--- gosh there is so much to do in life!

  • What is the core message of your book? Why should readers pick it up?
Readers should pick it up because it is a novel experiment (has never been done before by ten), it is a combination of genres – the romance and the thriller, it is easy reading, it shows various facets of life and human beings etc. etc.

  • How is co-authoring a book different from writing a book as solo author? 
In all ways, in every which way!

  • What are the pros and cons of co-authoring a book?
You learn to appreciate the difference, you know that you are not always the best, you learn to listen, you begin to rethink and revise! Call them pros or cons, the choice is yours!

  • Which aspect of writing is a challenge for you? Writing? Publishing? Or Marketing?

Writing now seems child’s play! Finding a publisher was indeed a Herculean task with their funny notions of do and don’t! If we liked them, they did not like us and if they did like us, we didn’t like them! So self-publishing by Multipens was indeed the best option. 
And for marketing, I personally am not worried about the moolah: its more important to be seen and read!

  • What is your favorite quote? The one you apply in your life.
You be the change , you want to see!

  • Define ‘Altitudinis’ in one line from your perspective.

A book waiting to be read! And replicated, if possible!

So, do you, my reader friends, have any questions for Indira?

Feel free to let us know.

Also, do grab your copy of this super-exciting book via below links.

Lots of Love

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