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BookReview - Altitudinis - A unique book by 10 authors


Title:  Altitudinis: Seekers, Sinners and Secrets
Author: 10 Authors
Publisher: MultiPen Publishers
Pages: 364
Price: Rs. 249
My Rating: 4.5/5


Two scientists are inching towards formulation of a serum to enhance oxygenation for high altitude troops posted at the merciless Siachen Glacier.
Meanwhile, MI agent Nirali arrives to investigate an unidentified corpse at MHOW, the hometown of her first love Nikhil, a much married adventure camp entrepreneur. Even as Nirali struggles to keep her emotions in check, a kidnapping drama involving Nikhil’s family and the appearance of a suave NRI stranger in their midst throws everyone in a tizzy.
But when one of the scientists is found dead in his laboratory, the ex-lovers set aside their personal demons and rise to the task of securing the USB that holds the formula, despite a string of disasters.
From the snow-clad peaks of Hanuman Tibba to the sleepy cantonment town of MHOW, Altitudinis is a tale of international intrigue, underworlds dons and romance of intimate couples and disgruntled ones, that intertwines ordinary people in extra ordinary situations.

To start with the type of book: when I was approached to review this amazing book, I was actually shocked. Writing a book between 2 authors is a complicated task, however, this one book is written by 10 different authors. Kudos to all of them for managing this feat.

Altitudinis is a thriller book that is power-packed and has everything in it - love, romance, passion, thrill, mystery, and even friendship. It is a long book, but it is so engrossing that one doesn't get bored at all.

Characterization is pretty simple and good. As we start reading, we instantly get hooked to the story and get attached to Nikhil and Nirali. I personally liked Nirali more and found her character strong and linked to the core of the book. There are a few more characters in the book and they all are well-narrated as well.

The thrill and mysterious aspect of the book is amazing. You can feel the hunger to know more and more with every page.

And to top it all, the climax is epic. I loved it.

If you like a good story, then this is the one for you.

You  can grab a copy here:

Lots of Love

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