Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Don't want to catch a cold again? Try this...

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Common cold is one disease  that doesn't need an introduction or explanation. All of us have suffered it at some point in life, some a little more frequent than others.

Common cold a.k.a. Flu or Viral is caused mainly due to season change or some virus infection. People with poor immune system suffer from it way more frequently than others. I classify in one of those people who have worst of all immune system; I have taken so many antibiotics that now a normal dose of it doesn't even help. Tired of wiping my nose all the time I looked up the most effective herbal cure and what do you know, I found it.

This remedy is so effective that till the time I consume it, I don't fall sick. You must wonder why would I stop it if it helps, well call me a fool but I sometime do stop it and my cold is a brutal reminder...

What is this magic cure that I am bragging about. Well, its nothing rare or imaginative, its a simple herb called 'Pipli'. It goes by many names, see the picture and you should know what to call it.
In few cultures it is called 'long pepper' and it does have an intense taste. Thankfully you don't have to consume it raw.

The way I take it by adding it in my tea. I usually take half of the stick, crush it and boil it in water. In the initial days the flavor stands out, but in a week or so, its fine as the taste buds start to adapt.
Taking this daily (once or twice) boosts immune system and prevents body from catching cold.

For me, the biggest reason for its consumption is not to catch a cold, never paid attention to other benefits honestly. However, there are couple of others listed as well. To mention a few:
  • Helps in diabetes
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps regulate menses in women
  • Improves sleep & cures insomnia
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • Improves lungs and aids comfortable breathing
  • And so on...
I hope after reading this, you will be intrigued to try it out. Well, if it can save you a sinister cold, there is no harm in trying. Be it weather change or severe infection from your neighbor, you will be saved, just give it a try :)

Till then
Take Care

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