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San Andreas Movie: My Reviews & Thoughts

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Note: my review contains not a lot but some spoilers. You have been warned :)

It has been few weeks since the release of this movie, I held back due to all the bad reviews that were pouring from all over. However, when I watched it today, its not so bad. Yes, 3D version of the movie is not up to the mark and  the story is kind of predictable, but isn't it the same for all the natural disaster movies?

The movie is similar to any other natural calamity movie made in Hollywood, there is a strong charactered father who fights against the nature to save his child, we have seen this is many movies like 'Into the Storm', 'Day after tomorrow' etc. Usually every movie has different calamity, this time it's an Earthquake which is the strongest ever recorded in the history (9.6 on Richter scale). The story revolves around a series of these earthquakes that occur alongside the San Andreas Fault line which in turn creates havoc in the entire area starting from Nevada to San Francisco.

The main characters are Ray (played by 'The Rock'), Blake (Alexandra Daddario), Emma (Carla Gugino), Ben (Hugo Johnstone-Burt) and Ollie (Art Parkinson). Although Ray and Blake are the focus of the movie, you see father trying to save his daughter from this disaster, for me Ollie is the show stealer. He is the best and not to mention cutest character of the movie. His perfect expressions and apt dialogues will make you laugh every time. The treat for all boys is Alexandra, she is looking pretty good in the movie and not to mention 'The Rock', he is a charm like always. The movie also has Colton Haynes (many know him as Roy in 'the Arrow') and Ian Gruffudd (from the series 'Forever'). Both of them don't do justice to their fans. Where Colton is supremely idiotic and a side-kick, Ian is insanely selfish. 

The screenplay and the story is also decent enough. The plot line is well paced and doesn't drag unnecessarily. The sense of urgency is clearly visible throughout. The special effects are pretty good too. Yes, critics have yelled stating they are not good enough, but one should not judge the whole movie based on one or so instances, anyways, I found them pretty good and rather scary. In so many instances you will find yourself speaking, "Oh Shit!" or "Oh God!". The effects of scenes when dam collapses, bridge falls or when buildings just crumbles down, will give you serious goosebumps. 
It is not just an Earthquake that hits the San Francisco city, it is followed by a bad Tsunami. Something that usually happens in reality as well. I remember from 2004 news, when worst Earthquake had hit Indian Ocean, most of the countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand etc. were devastated by the Tsunami that followed it. Similar thing is shown here, which depicts reality. I agree some scenes are a little out there but overall it was all acceptable to a naive mind

One thing that sincerely matches the reality is the fear that such events bring. After watching this movie my heart ached for the people who recently suffered this calamity in Nepal, I am sure many people felt the same. It indeed comes to 'survival of the fittest', and such movies and instances force you to sense check yourself, are you really fit? Given the condition of weather and Earth, given the global warming, one desperately need to start a fitness regime to survive in the long run.

Having said that, I would recommend this movie to everyone who enjoy a good natural disaster movie. It grossed over $140 million worldwide, people are not stupid to watch it. My rating for the movie: 3.75/5

I hope you enjoy the movie too

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